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Thread: FAQs about Graduate School in Economics and Links to Useful Threads

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    At the end of your PHD, the econ job market

    Reflects from an Emory PHD placed at San Diego State (2006)

    Michigan PHD to Stony Brook (2012)
    Noahpinion: How I survived the Economics Job Market

    AEA Job market advice:

    Economists who want to enter the polisci market
    Economics PhDs and the political science job market | Chris Blattman

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    These may help ppl who run into interviews (thanks hedgequant & Humanomics)


    Feel free to add to this if you find some more. I can't remember exactly how many posts hedgequant had on his interviews so I may have missed some. Hope these help!

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    My Two Cents Cost of applying to PhDs

    Costs for an international applicant to apply to PhD's, based on a single users experience. It might be useful for future applicants: PhD Application Costs | How much does it cost to apply for a PhD?
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    Some perspective from an international applicant


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