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Thread: Development Studies

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    Development Studies

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    What Masters and PHD programs do you suggest for development studies? Ive looked at development economics, but think the more general programs are more appropriate for me.I'm more interested in doing field work, particularly in the Middle East, rather than academia. Funding is a big issue for me. I do not wish to attend a school where full funding isn't provided. That pretty much rules out the UK schools. I'm in the 2nd year of my Masters in Economic Policy at Central European University in Budapest and thus, worry that a 2 masters in a closely related field may be a waste of time. However, I am not sure if Im ready to fully commit myself to a 4-6 year PHd program. Thanks for any advice/suggestions you may have!

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    For schools outside UK, check out ISS in netherlands. US doesn't have much to offer, except Development Studies PhD Program: Home . You may want to look into something like development sociology at Cornellhttp://devsoc.cals.cornell.edu/ or social sciences at maxwell Maxwell School of Syracuse University

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