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Thread: Profile Evaluation Fall 2016

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    Smile Profile Evaluation Fall 2016

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    Hello I will be applying for a Phd in political science to start in the fall of 2016 and I would be extremely grateful for any comment, advice and/or evaluation of my profile.

    I come from a reknown European school, 4th econ deparment Europe, 20th worldwide

    Test Scores (GMAT/GRE): 163 Q/ 161V

    Undegrad GPA: 3.3 international management
    Graduate GPA: 3.5 economics (relevant courses : grad mathematics, statistics and econometrics, applied microeconometrics, development econ and political economics)
    Research Experience: 1 year with tenured professor ( and still working on future published paper) department of decision sciences, 5 months field work in west Africa, 4 months with public policy professor, 4 months tenured political science professor. Wrote master thesis with well know tenured development and political econ professor.

    Teaching Experience: none
    Work Experience: United Nations ESCAP 4 months researcher, Grameen Bank Dhaka 1 months

    Concentration Applying to: Comparative politics
    Number of programs planned to apply to: 15
    Dream Schools: NYU, Stanford, UCLA, Yale, UCSD

    What made you want to pursue a PhD: deep interest in the subject and desire to carry out my own research

    Concerns you have about your profile: my GRE score might be too low, and my GPA as well, we don't get awarded grades out of a 4.0 scale, it is very hard to convert grades

    Any additional specific questions you may have: Would like to know where I would be competitive based on my profile

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    Re: Profile Evaluation Fall 2016

    FYI, this is the first post in 4 months in this subforum.

    Political sciences admissions questions are currently aggregated on another forum called gradcafe, I suspect due to increasing returns to scale. Ask there and you will get some answers.

    From what I can tell, this is a fairly competitive profile for the top 20 programs.

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