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  1. hi everybody...needs advice...does anybody attend a 2-day review by rita cottrell? is it helpful in passing the nbcot test? gemina
  2. i'm so interested on those questions, pls email it to me on my yahoo account gemina@globalpinoy.com. thank you so much for your help
  3. thanks for all of your advice. I got an email from Lilia Gil saying that I have until Dec 31, 2007 to pass the test. Thank God...I'm in and completely relieved by all the worries...I have question to you guys what do I need to do? the next step...how to get that ATT... to schedule a test...I haven't talk to her do I need to email her back to directions on what to do? Gemina
  4. another thing the proctor doesnt have a good training in administering this test.
  5. I also had a bad experience in san rafael ca comp usa. the test centers are small with no dividers, u can hear everybody talking. it is very distracting...
  6. nbcot needs to activate my file, i'm planning to take it around april or may..hoping they would consider my application
  7. here's my preparation speaking part: I used Barron's toefl ibt the latest ed (12th). I began with the practice exercises on how to summarize, paraphrase, taking down notes and synthesize. I followed all the tips on the practice exercises. Then I move on to practicing the 6 questions of speaking part I think it has 6 or 7 practice questions. I recorded my voice so me and my friend can evaluate or grade it on how they answer it in the book and the way ets score the 6 responses. I also used the websites that were given this forum for additional resources and of the tips and techniques provided by the members. Actual test: I applied all the things that I've learned. What I did differently in this test compared to the past is that I paraphrase right away as I'm taking down notes. I outline the important points of the reading passage so it would help me to summarize and organize my thoughts in giving a smooth responses and transitions. This is very important to question 3 & 4. I also paid attention to the key or main idea of the questions so you can get to the right response. For question 1 & 2 it is important to relate it to your own life so you can answer it freely give examples so you can explain it better. For 3 & 4 always relate or integrate the reading passage to the talk. For 5 & 6 listen closely to the talk organize your notes into main idea and supporting details are examples given for #6 questions to come up with a good response. Test takers if you still have questions don't hesitate to ask me... Knok here it is... Gemina
  8. Thanks for the info....I really appreciate it. I'm here in the US and I've been trying to call them since yesterday but it was just going straight to their voicemail.. I tried to email them same thing no response at all. If they are accepting hard copy of application, do you think a check of $75 to activate my file , letter, & the copy of ibt score will be a great help to my problem as of this moment. this are all the things that they need to process my application. Coz in the website they set a deadline this month until Dec. 31, 2006.:rolleyes:
  9. Thank you so much...I know it wasn't easy...Right now I'm worried if I wont be able to activate my file w/ NBCOT.
  10. Thank you so much testmagic members for all the tips that you posted here in this forum. I really appreciate so much. I also thank God, for helping me to pass...I am so happy...thank you so much knok for your advice...words are hard to describe how I felt yesterday when I found out that I got 26 in speaking.... Tip #1. Practice in speaking in English all the time. 2. I used the Latest edition of Barron's toefl ibt. 3. Practice on how to summarize, taking notes, paraphrasing and synthesizing on the practice exercises in Barron's I think that helps me to pass this test. 4. Record yourself so you would know your phase and have it scored by you and at the same time a friend or a coach to know your errors and to evaluate the score that you need to get. 5. Lastly, pray for miracles to happend. :)
  11. I've been trying to call NBCOT to reactivate my prescreening packet but it's hard and I also want to inform them that I finally passed the speaking part in ibt so pls anybody there that would help me. I'm hoping that I'm not that late...:(
  12. i'm interested too can i talk to u on the phone? my email is gemina@globalpinoy.com
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