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  1. sorry for replying late, I haven't informed of a new post in this thread. :( Hope they won't grade the biology passage, I really dunno what I had did. In the reading, I tried to keep up with the time to finish all the questions and had to stop when time's up. They might get 3 passages, I guess 'cause when I left, almost all testakers had left. It was really long and long with the reading and listening. Tired, yeah. I did all my best not to give up. Phew, gonna bye it forever.
  2. I tested on Nov 19, and not received my score yet. Well, ets announced that the score will be delivered 5 business days later after Dec 8 'cause there were lots of people taking the test in Nov. You can see this announcement on toefl page.
  3. I'm very happy that it's over:tup: though I did pooly. I wasn't shocked at all. Let it be. Here are some I can share with you, guys. Reading: 5 passages. 2 psychology, 1 archaeology, 1 biology... how evil:crazy: ! Don't have enough time to know what I was doing. Listening: 2 converstations and 7 lectures about art, environment, education... I was very stupid. Two times, as soon as I clicked ok had I realized I got the incorrect answers. Lots of details were aksed :yuck: . How can they said just focusing on the main details? Speaking: easier than I expected. _1: the best way to relax after working hard. _2: some stay up late+get up late. Others go to bed early+get up early. Which do you prefer? _3: library repair. Student negative opion. _4: allergies/ allergic reaction. Dunno what to speak. _5: two proffesors talking about one student who would out for competition while having exam at that time. _6: a bit easy( human behavior) Writing: _1: navigation of birds/ how birds migrate _2: study subjects you like or subjects helpful for your career. There were around 15 test-takers at my center. To my extreme surprise, most of them did more quicker than me. When I was doing the 7 or 8 part of listening, some went out for break. Even, while I just did half of my speaking, one near me started writing. When I left, only two didn't finish yet. I asked a girl who left the room before me in a few seconds, and I found she did the same as me. Have no idea. I started at 8.20 and finished about 12.35( I guess). My computer was a bit slow, and I had to wait for some times also. Yeah, wecome all of your questions. It's my pleasure to help you. At least, I can now comprehend how other former test-takers felt after finishing their tests :doh: Sorry for double post this thread 'cause I had problem with page can't displayed. I'm sorry :(
  4. Yeah, I'm very happy now 'coz it's over [clap] though I did poorly. Dunno what to say, I wasn't shocked at all:D . I did my best and it's the end for toefl. Some I can remember from my test today. Reading: 5 passages. 2 psychology, 1 archaeology, 1 biology... How evil:mad: ! I didn't have enough time to know what I was doing. Listening: 2 conversations and 7 lectures:crazy: (or 6 lectures, not sure) about environment, art, education... Lots of details were I asked. While I was keeping notes as much as possible, I felt that it wasn't enough. Speaking: easier than I expected. _ 1: the best way to relax after working hard. _2: stay up late then get up late or go to bed and get up early. Which one do you prefer? _3: library repair. negative opinion. _4: allergies. I even didn't throughly understand what is said in the reading, and lost coming up with the listening. _5: two proffesors talking about one student who would be out for the competition while she has an exam at that time. _6: don't remember the key word( human behavior). Somehow pretty easy. Writing: _1: navigation of birds/how birds migrate _2: some study the subjects they are interested in. Others only study subjects helpful for their career( not exactly) There were around 15 test-takers in my center. I think we all started at the same time. However, I was suprised that someone did really more quicker than me. When I'm doing the 7th or 8th part of listening, some got out for break. Even when I was doing my speaking halfly, one near me did do writing. Dunno why. When I left, there were only two persons not finishing yet. I asked a girl just leaving the room before me, she had done the same test like me. I cheked the time, and found I did the test in more than 4 hours from 8.20 to 12.35( I guess). Well, my computer was a bit slow, I had to wait for some times also.
  5. why's that? Somtimes you can get the better score than you supposed.
  6. Thanks for your tips, Tesprep and brunorafaelli also :). I'll try to employ them into my practice. My first try will be on 19 Nov in Vietnam. I found that it's intergrated task which I should work on more and more. Can you tell me how to practise and do this task efficiently? Many thanks from me!
  7. I check the time of speaking samples of Longman. All of them can't keep up with the alloted time, over 70 secs while 60 secs is alloted, for eg. I feel very confused about it too. It takes time to talk about the reading, and then with the listening, I almost run out of time. Yes, and also have problem with intergrated task :(
  8. purplevalleys


    Yes, PBT is absolutely easier than iBT. You're very lucky if you still have chance to take PBT, have to say that. After studying iBT so far, I bet that I can do PBT with a greater score, but with iBT, it must be reconsidered.
  9. congrats, moonflower! From your experience, we know that we can dream big dream. Just do our best.
  10. congrate, Tieuphong! It will be my first try 3 weeks later. All I know to do is to cross my fingers and pray :D Yah, now I think I can beat it, just keep calm and self-confident.
  11. Yes, I have the audio CD and CD-CROM also. I've done the sample test offered by ETS. Listening is pretty good, but I really have difficulty in reading. I think questions in reading are harder than those given in longman.
  12. it's new to me! Really? I always thought that all the test takers would do the same form at the same day. If I'm lucky to do a short format, will I start at the same time with others, but finish earlier?
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