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  1. Hey you! :) I logged in after a long time too. How is grad school treating you? I have been keeping quite busy. Quals in a month!
  2. Lets see if we can... :) Hello ppl! Any regular WLTians around?
  3. @Samy and cri: Welcome back folks! Its great to see your posts again on WLT. :) @ Kron: Awesome bro! GATech is my sister's alma mater and she has only had good things to say about it. Let us know when you make your final decision. I am sure its going to be a tough choice to make :tup:
  4. Congrats! :tup: UIUC is a great place to be. :) Good luck with grad school!
  5. There is no such thread, Johny. Once you reach 100 posts, you can go to your profile and change your status message yourself. Thats how we became part of DA. :) Hope it helps!
  6. Actually, yes. I hardly check my gmail account. Its way too spamed, I might even have deleted your msg by mistake. Am sorry... :( You can email me on my yahoo ID... thats one ID that hasn't been spamed yet. Or you can always send me a PM. So did you want to ask me something? Let me know!
  7. Thats awesome, Shoaib! :) Am happy for you. What other decisions are you waiting for you? Which is your first choice?
  8. Its a very personal decision, Simba. If you feel very strongly about going for an MS, then you should not be influenced by your relatives or friends and just go ahead with application. But it seems to me that you are confused and are not able to make up your mind. So my suggestion is that you take the job for a year and then apply for MS next year. There and many reasons why I suggest this: 1. You will get a chance to see how the job is like and decide if you want to stay with the job for the rest of your life or go back to school. That way you will make an informed decision and there will be no regrets later. 2. Job experience is always a good thing to have in your resume when you apply. I do not know if you can do an MS thru Infy. You should ask someone who works there about it. But let me warn you that if you wait for a long time (say 3-4 years) before applying, then it becomes very difficult to quit your job and get back to school. Having a job is a very convenient thing and you will get used to it. The luxury of a job and having your own money might reduce your motivation to study more. So give it "a year" and then make up your mind. Good luck!
  9. Hey ppl! How have you all been doing? @kron: Congrats again! :) @Ish: Hows you? Any plans for spring break? I dont know the present state of the plans we were trying to make... Do you thing we can work out something? :hmm: @Shoaib: Long time! How are you doing? @Bscout: Congrats! :) @codename: The spammer has been taken care of and the message will also be gone soon :)
  10. I don't know of any free service. But I have heard that essayedge is a paid service that does a decent job. But honestly, you will be the one with best interest in your SoP. I would never be able to leave SoP writing to some third person and be peaceful. But thats just me! My suggestion is that you look through some model SoPs that you can find online. Once you get an idea from them, you can go ahead and write your own. Its really not that hard.
  11. Yeah, its been really long. :) I guess only few of us at grad school visit TM these days, which is very unfortunate. Lets hope things change. Ahoy there, captain! How are you doing? I presume spring sem classes are going fine for you guys. I am swamped with assignments right now. Looks like I have taken more courses than I can handle, again. :/
  12. I hope some of my TM batchmates and seniors will see this forum and drop by to have a li'l chit-chat :)
  13. You have posted in the wrong forum, narendranath! Since this is just your second post I assume you weren't sure where to post. Use the Graduate Admissions forum to post queries like this.
  14. Hi Yogesh! It would be nice if you do your homework before coming to the forums. Find out from your college seniors where they applied and where they got into. Look up university websites and see if they are a good fit for you and if you are eligible to apply to them. Some univs might explicitly state their cut-offs for GRE scores, GPA etc. Then come up with a shortlist of universities and post it here.
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