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  1. Study partner for washington dc pharmacy law Hello there!!! I am actively preparing to take the DC Pharmacy law. Anyone interested in group study Please let me know so that we could start now going through the document. Thanks . sannoun
  2. Hello there!!! I am actively preparing to take the DC Pharmacy law. Anyone interested in group study Please let me know so that we could start now going through the document. Thanks . sannoun
  3. Hello guys! i am locking for a study partner for Washington DC Pharmacy Law. If anyone interested please send me a private message thanks. Thanks. Sannoun. l
  4. Hello, Do you know by any chance the states with the highest employments rate for pharmacists in the US? I am preparing to transfer my Maryland Pharmacist license to Virginia as I can’t find a job in Maryland. At that point i am just wondering if I am doing the right thing to find a job. Please share your ideas. Thanks. Sannoun.
  5. It is really difficult to find a pharmacist position at this time. I have been licensed in Maryland for 2 months, but can not get any positions neither in retails nor in hospitals. I am really losing hope. Things have really changed in the Pharmacy market. Could you please share your experience? Thanks. Sannoun.
  6. Hi ! is there anybody who lives in Maryland or in Washington DC that is interested in group study? Please send me a private message with your phone number so that we could discuss how to meat and study . I am planning to take the Naplex in 45 days. Thanks:tup: Sannoun.
  7. Hello every body! i have completed my internship hours in the state of maryland and would like to apply or register to take the Naplex in february . Could anyone who applyed in Maryland or anybody who knows what the process is help me? My internship hours have been signed and notarised ,but i have no idea what to do next to apply and get the ATT .:rolleyes: Thanks in advance to anybody who responds. Sannoun.
  8. sannoun

    Intern Pay

    Hi! I am working for CVS in Maryland as an intern. I am payed 16 $/hour. I think it depends on the states and the company. Cvs does not paye well compared to the other companies. Let me know your experience. Thanks Sannoun.
  9. sannoun

    anyone from WA

    Anyone from maryland(gaithersburg) preparing for the NAPLEX ?
  10. We are all right now studying .however if you or any body has a question ,he or she can post it here then we will respond and discuss . I think this is not only a good way of studying but olso a way of helping every body to take advantage.
  11. I am doing my internship with cvs .You do not have to worry at all. Almost 80% of my interview questions were about my experience in costumer service and the rest of questions were about the reason why i chose to work for cvs. Be relaxed ,do not expect any pharmacology questions or brand versus generic drug questions. All these chain pharmacies are almost the same in their interviews. They mostly want to be sure that you are good in custumer service, very patient ,open minded and avalable at any time when they need you at work. good luck.
  12. Hi guys, just wondering if anyone could please advise me on the below? my interview is this friday morning and i am really wondering about how much i should ask for the salary? any ideas? also any hints for the types of questions they will ask me and the types of questions that i should ask them myself? another thing i want to ask is how long did it usually take most of you to get intership? i applied to walmart, rite aid, wallgreens, safeway and cvs as an last option. unfortunately i got a call from cvs to do an interview this fridy :(...to my chagrin no one else has called me back so far. i was really hoping to get something at walmart or riteaid, but nothing still. cvs is my last option, but i don't have choice if no one else calls. i am just hoping i will not get trapped into a contract with them that will not let me move on to something better later on. i really need your advice guys and hope to hear from you VERY soon! thanks in advance! sannoun
  13. Hi!hope08 i understand how much frustration you are going through.Here is what i think you should do.leave that place and go some where else .Never accept to work with someone who treates you like that. The pharmacyst responsible in the CVS that i want to change is very bad but not at the point of treating me like yours is treating you. So get out of there and you will be fine. Good luck . Sannoun.
  14. Hi guy !I worked in a hospital pharmacy for 5 months as a volunteer it is helpful because you will at least have some hours and be familier with drugs name. I left when they told me that they do not hire interns as I had passed the FPGEE and got a work permit through my wife. I even asked them about H-1B. they said ,there is no sponsore for H-1B for an intern. Good luck .
  15. Hi Guys! after reading all of you , i have come to the conclusion that we experienced or are experiencing the same trobles during the internship. Personally i was so confused about the intership that i started by working as a technician in CVS pharmacy for 2 months where i have been mostly confined at the drive through and doing the cashier. I got so borred that one day i asked my pharmacy manager that if he thinks that i can become a good pharmacyst when i complete my internship at the drive through and at the register. she just responded that at the beginning it is difficult but i will be ok. I am sure he is wrong. i even changed my position and started working at the drop of. As i was not fast the pharmacyst told me that it was not the right time to learn.Then i went back to my habitual place (drive through and pick up). Let me tell you some thing but please do not laugh . At the beginning i used to be confused beatween people name and brand names.:D Here is how i learn : each time at the pick up or register , i write down the name of all drugs in my small book . and once at home i study them one after one. Try it it will help. NOW i have not only decided to start my intern ship but also to moove to a different CVS. I applyed on line and got an appointment for an interview this comming friday with the CVS general manager. So could you please tell me How much I am gona ask to be payed as an intern in CVS and what kind of questions should i expect to? Thanks in advance guys for your response. Let's keep on communicating.
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