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  1. I am sure that we will make it. I heard that TSE raters graded the test easier because they cannot make money from TSE anymore. God bless us all. Have a good night. :sleepy:
  2. To my dear friends, Please don't bury important threads so that our brain will be ready and empty for the test tomorrow. This can increase efficiency and quality of your test. Thank you and good luck. [clap] Cheers!
  3. Hi everyone, Please follow the rule for the sake of a majority of people here. Thank you. ;)
  4. Please do not post the topic like this because it will make it hard to find the thread. Thank you for understanding. People will think that this thread contains questions. Please edit the post if possible. People may get frustrated when they see your email instead. Please post your email on the thread Sing-in June2 test taker. Please do not create a new thread for any email. Otherwise, it will make it hard to find the thread. Please check this thread. Thank you. http://www.www.urch.com/forums/tse/46713-stop-posting-new-threads-asking-questions.html ;)
  5. Hi test takers, How is your study going? Please get together and start praying for the best result. Hope we all pass this last TSE. :tup:
  6. The unique charateristic of TSE test takers is that most of us are not students. We are mature professionals. We know what to do. If you do not take action, others will be the victims. Please do what you think that it is appropriate. We are not immature children. Some of us are professors at medical schools, pharmacy schools, physiotherapy schools, others are ESL teachers. Cheer!
  7. Please do not ask for questions. We will post if we know. This morning, I had trouble finding an important thread. Please reduce unnecessary posts on the day of the test. It is distracting. Thanks. My friend got this set. I am not sure whether it is correct or not. Please listen by yourself. 1 A man drove to his company and parked his car beside his company's building. The guy was very happy in his office, However, his car was hit by another car! His car was towed away by a towed truck. Finally he found out about his car and was very upset. He went to a car dealership to look for a new car. He was very happy. 2 What are the advantage and disadvantages of owning a car? 3 Is there any changes of the city you live? What? 4 Today many people live far from the place they work. How can this influence the people’s life? 5 Graph even similar to the first test, the subject changes. A company’s statistics on recruiting high position staff. One group is the people who are hired from inside the company, they get promotions. Another group is the people who are hiring from outside the company. 6 What are the adv/disadvantages of promoting within the organization and hiring from outside when recruiting a high position worker. 7 Your colleague has just created a new website for his company, congratulate him! 8 A woman ordered a chocolate cake, but was delivered with a yellow cake. Name was also wrong. She is adam, but the delivery was named alex. (I’m not sure it is she or he, you can see the name are of men’s). Make a lecture scheduling. Not sure of details.. Good luck.
  8. I just finished the test. I am not sure it is correct. Please confirm by listening by yourself. We know how many employees will attend. Printing- Everything is done but we are waiting for one more item from the personal department. We should be able to finish the printing by the end of the week. As soon as we get the the list of the employees, we will order the food. Bar Graph Elm Gear --Increased over the period. Another one decreased and stayed the same and then dropped again.
  9. Friends, It is getting late. Please start praying, get a good night sleep, and have a good dream.:tup: [clap] Good night...:sleepy:
  10. Hi everyone, Test takers for May13th, if you want to create a new thread asking for questions, please do not do it. Thank you. Please post your email here. We need to reduce the number of threads asking for questions. It is annoying. Please read. http://www.www.urch.com/forums/tse/46713-stop-posting-new-threads-asking-questions.html
  11. Congratulations to those who got a 50 or more than 50! Are there only 3 people out of 300 people in this forum who passed this February? Please post your result. Thanks.[clap]
  12. Yes, I agree that watching news gives me a headache. CNN News shows pictures of prisoners and conflicts around the world everyday. After I watch it, I feel depressed. After long day at work, I'd rather turn to watch a funny show or any show that entertains me and makes me enjoy the world. Thanks Srilak. :clover:
  13. Thank you very much for your help. You are so kind. ;) Your point is that books are portable while getting information through eletronic screen is more cumbersome. I like your answers. [clap] Another one as requested: Do you agree or disagree that humorous programs or comedies are more enjoyable than other kinds of TV programs? Thank you in advance for any input.
  14. 1. Nowadays, computers and other electric devices provide us with information. Do you think that newspapers and books will eventually disappear? 2. If everyone in the world had their own car, what would be the advantages and disadvantages of this? Thank you in advance. Please give me some ideas. No need to answer in paragraphs. :p [banana] I need some points to answer these questions. Then, I will use my own words to speak. I just run out of ideas. :( We need to brainstorm and be well prepared ahead of time.
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