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  1. 1. While is conjunction-> During 2. B->The first explorer (who was) reached California by land was Jedediah Strong Smith, a trapper who crossed the southwestern deserts of the United States in 1826.-> wrong
  2. REGION is countable RAINFALL in this case is uncountable Anyway, pls give me your "Banana" rule:p
  3. MOST: determiner, pronoun (used as the superlative of 'much', 'a lot of', 'many') Meaning:the largest in number or amount: Eg: Who do you think will get (the) most votes? She had the most money of all of them. I spent most time on the first question. Who ate the most? The director has the most to lose Thus, I think You have given a nice sentence:)
  4. One of the most interesting cities of Brazil is Rio de Janeiro.-> right One of the more interesting cities of Brazil is Rio de Janeiro.-> wrong One of the most interesting of cities, Brazilia is the capital of Brazil.-> Brazilia,one of the most interesting cities, is the capital of Brazil.:D
  5. SOME used with singular countable nouns to refer to a person, place, thing or time that is not known or not identified: There must be some mistake. * He's in some kind of trouble. * She won a competition in some newspaper or other. * I'll see you again some time, I'm sure. Right?:p
  6. Hi, CN09 Read, read and read-> practise, practise and practise> Have you ever known the 3-P strategy for Toefl:D
  7. :) From the Oxford->Have you got it;) be bought 3 to be bought by people in the way or in the numbers mentioned; to be offered at the price mentioned: [VN] The magazine sells 300000 copies a week. * Their last album sold millions. * [V] The book sold well and was reprinted many times. * The new design just didn't sell (= nobody bought it). * The pens sell for just 50p each.
  8. Yeah! I couldnt agree with you more:tup:
  9. --------------that distinguish human beings from mother primates are related to the ability of people to stand upright and walk on two legs A. Many of the physical characteristics B. Of the many physical characteristics C. The physical characteristics D. There are many physical characteristics Why the key is A, not C:( -> I'm confused with the use of "Many" or "Many of". Pls give me your hand;)
  10. Today......... little fossil ivory remains comes from Alaska A. What B.Which C. There is D. Where I cant comprehend why the key is D.Could you do me a favour:mad:
  11. The N,UNIFORM has the unique meaning that is the special set of clothes worn by all members of an organization or a group at work, or by children at school, While the N, UNIFORMITY can be understood as EQUALITY which matches this sentence's meaning:)
  12. Honestly, I chose C at first, but the key is D. Thus it brings one sentence away :mad: And I myself comfort with the explaination that "the tip of nose" is equivalent to "the nose's tip"-> "the" is used for both nose and tip":sleepy: But in Oxford Advanced Learner "the tips of your fingers / toes * the tip of your nose * the northern tip of the island":crazy:
  13. Thank all! :tup: especially hainp: 40-10/1999-key is D:D but could you minutely explain this type of grammar?:p Also, rea->ear;)
  14. Collagen, a strong rubbery protein, supports the rea flaps and the tip of nose in humans :mad: help me,please?
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