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  1. Sorry. The more you do, the faster you'll get. That's all there really is to it, I'm afraid. :(
  2. lol All I do is force myself to sit down and at least open the book and have a pen and a sheet of paper in front of me. My computer gets turned off and it doesn't matter whether I have homework or not. I'm gonna sit there until I do at least one question. Once I begin, I end up doing two or three pages. :grad:
  3. I've only worked on the analytical reasoning section so far. Here's something that worked for me: list out all the rules and draw charts. Also, attempt to negate the question/answer choices. I haven't figured out how to increase the score for the other sections yet but I hope this helps some. :(
  4. Nevermind, I figured it out and here's the answer in case anyone needs it: Solution: The correct answer is D. To get the answer, simply negate the selection. We know that Q,R,F must be on days 4,5,6 respectively. Choice D says that either H or J is scheduled for day 3. So, if neither J or H is scheduled for day 3, then it should fail. ex) J,H,G,Q,R,F This fails because if G is scheduled for day 3, then Q must be scheduled for day 5. As you can see, Q is not scheduled for day 5. Therefore, D is the correct answer because we cannot put J or H on a day that's not day 3.
  5. Hi, I need some help with this one. Here's the question: ADMIN EDIT: QUESTION DELETED. PLEASE DO NOT POST LSAC LSAT QUESTIONS. I've tried it and I keep getting A, B, C, D are true but E is false. The answer key says that D is the correct answer. Can anyone explain to me why? Or is the question worded incorrectly? Should it say, "Which one of the following must be FALSE?" Cause that would make E true... :doh: Oh yea, here are my "solutions"... A) G,H,J,Q,R,F H,G,J,Q,R,F B) G,H,J,Q,R,F J,G,H,Q,R,F C) H,G,J,Q,R,F G,J,H,Q,R,F D) G,H,J,Q,R,F G,J,H,Q,R,F E) Can't because it must end as Q,R,F to fulfill the restriction that R comes immediately before F. Q must always be on day 4.
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