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  1. Congratulations for every one WHO got the score that he/she was hoping for
  2. Dear Frinds Please share with us your experince about the speaking section of new TOEFL iBT. Everyone will like to hear from you. So, fell free to say anything you want & be sure that even it's small but it may help thousands of TEST takers. Congratulation in advance for everyone got the score that he/she wants.
  3. hsanin

    TSE June Score

    can u plz tell more on how did u get the 50? like from where did u study & how was your responce in the exam that u got in it 50? Thanks in advance
  4. 6 months from the day of the exam that you are asking to rescore. I was told that by one of the representives of the ETS. (I'm one who donot know Why I'm always NOT getting my Target score For 7 times)
  5. DONOT GET UPSET ...The TOEFL iBT might be better for you
  6. hsanin

    I finally got 50

  7. hsanin

    Finaly got 50

  8. We r so thankful for you & for your nice & huge support to Us. GOD BLESS YOU. WE R ALL Thankful for people that like to help us & May GOD help them
  9. WE R So thankful very much for those that helped us by knowing the questions in advance.
  10. http://rapidshare.de/files/16880384/0506_tse_bulletin.pdf.html [clap] [clap] [clap]
  11. me too I'm also interested to buy any materials for Toefl iBT ....my email is tezteez@yahoo.com Please fell free to email at any time.
  12. All of them are good sources to improve your way of speaking in english ... but let me ask you knock What about the following DVD..Do u think is it good? www.pronunciationworkshop.com
  13. hsanin

    tse rescore

    or you can download the TSE bulletin from www.ets.org/tse web site for free & then printe page number 18 as spokane27 told you & fill it & send it to them. As spokane27 told you keep a copy from what u will send. Good luck
  14. hsanin


    Dear nirgel Congratulations for suceess & for luck that you are a nurse & you have the opprtunity to choose. we r forced to take the TSE. but still i am curious about what the materials that you bought from the ilets test center & What are the materilas that u download from the internet..Also Can i know where did you take the ilets & which type did u take? Thank you very
  15. hsanin


    :D :D ;) ;) http://www.writefix.com/argument/
  16. you are lucky because you are a nurse. For physiotherapists & pharmacist the TSE is mandatory
  17. ranirani...i ve put the third question on one of the previous threads please go & check it Good luck
  18. The third question anapt i putted in the previous thread please go & check it.
  19. The third question was asking you the following:Some people prefere to go to relax after busy day while other prefer to jion physical activity. Compare the advantages of each.
  20. I'm with you ..lets stop this unfair process... I'm extremely exhuasted from the unfair of the TSE raters & the desing of the exam
  21. Dear Knock I took this exam as oligo . According to my best of my memory i can say that the three cities that were in the exam end with (lake) & i think one is white salt lake, black salt lake ..I think .. i reallly hope that i can remember them
  22. hsanin

    I Got 50!!!!

    Congratulation Can you share with us your story of success & how was you able to acheive the 50? thank you
  23. i just received my score for jan it's 40 again ..What shall i can do to improve my score sakilasikandar
  24. Dear eine820 The speak test is the old form/design of TSE. it also cotains 9 question but with different answering time & a little bit different form of questions.( like map section). Dear eine820 if you have any TSE materials please send them or put them on the forum or Can you send them to me by email? My email is TEZTEEZ@yahoo.com Thank you very much in advance
  25. Dear khadija Can you please put on the TEST magic web sites that you have so every one Can download it ...thank you very much indeed Dear khadija Can you please put on the TEST magic web sites the materilas of TSE that you have so every one Can download it ...thank you very much indeed
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