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  1. Thanks As for the listening part, I guess I am just used to listen to a lot of english because I didn't anything extraodinary to prepare.
  2. I just checked my iBT score. I got 106 (R:29, L:30, S:22, W:25). I am happy but I feel I could have done better. I am a litlle worried about the speaking part because some schools put specific minimun scores on each section. I hope my score will suffice.
  3. I always felt the same about trigonometry while learning calculus. But I have to admit that some functions may be helpful when studying economic cycles
  4. Did anyone receive or have checked online the scores from the 9th and 10th of June Toefl iBT ?
  5. Well, I've heard that sometimes Fulbright doesn't allow you use the scholarship in a PhD program other than the 5 you've listed. As for changing the source of funding, the scholarship has to be renewed every year and I believe the less time you hold it, the less time you are obliged to stay in your original country.
  6. ETS says 15 business days but I've never seen them delivering on their promised deadline. So, I am counting on my score only in the beggining of July.
  7. One of the sites that I found more useful while I wa spreparing was www.testden.com . They have a mock test that is very similar to the actual toefl iBT
  8. I am also applying to the Fulbright scholarship. My strategy was to choose only top 10 schools for the Fulbright commission to apply on my behalf. This way I believe I am enhancing my chances at places like Harvard where competition is very tough. And I will apply directly to some other universities too. If I get into one of my top pics with fulbright scholarship I will then try to change to a less stringent source of funding in the second year. I hope that may help you cause I was as confused as one can be too
  9. No I didn't get any extra reading passage but I believe I got an extra listening section, since there were 3 sub-sections in my test. I hope we all get good scores!:tup: As for the conditions I took the test. They weren't the best either. To start the test center was far from my house. It took me half an hour in a splendid no traffic day. At the test center, the air conditioning instilled a sinusitis crisis. I also didn't have lunch since I was supposed to get at the test center at noon, which would oblige me to have lunch around 10:30 am ( I woke up at 9!), which probably helped start a little headache which was agravated by the tight earphone in my head.:yuck:
  10. Hi Folks This post is to share with you my iBT experience. I took the test last saturday. I was a little nervous but I believe everything went just fine. The reading passage is pretty much the same. Of course, the number of questions differ, but the style is the same. I got first one passage with 20 minutes to answer 13 questions and then 40 minutes to answer 28 questions. The last question of each passage was worth 2 points. They were all of the summary type. The listening was pretty much the same. The level of difficulty was like the old toefl one. I had three timed sections and the issues covered varied from astronomy to forgery art pieces. The speaking section for me was the hardest. It's not difficult to understand. My main problem was the time to plan an answer and to stick to it after. On the 4th question I didn't stick to the outline and my answer was full of hesitation like Aah!uhh! I think.... My advice is to plan your response and stick to it. Don''t try to embelish or add other stuff. I had to talk about the most popular sport in my country, etc. Even though all the candidates started the exam more or less at the same time, we did the speaking section at different times This was good for me because I did most of it while they were at the break, but then they did the speaking part while I was doing the writting, which can be pretty didconcentrating specially because they are answering the same questions. The writting was fine also. The integrated part asked to contrast to opposing views on commercial fossil colectors and the independent one was about the importance of the extended family in comparison to the past.I guess that it's all. Feel free to ask other questions as I may remember more when asked about specific details.
  11. For both of you who have taken the iBT, what do you thing was your major flaw in the speaking? Does ETS care if you make small pauses while recording as though you are thinking about your answer? Or do they focus mainly in your grammar skills? Please help me I'm taking the test on June 9th and the speaking section is the one worrying me the most!
  12. Vertical Horizon, you can call me spin. Thanks for your advice. I really feel I am improving. As for the font size in the conclusion, I really don't know what happen when pasting the text from MS-Word.
  13. I hope it will help you. And sorry if I were too harsh on some parts! If you liked, give me some reputation points
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