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  1. I have taken TOEFL in 2005 (it was July). On ETS site it is stated that it lasts for two years, do they mean: two solar years or 365*2 days? Any experience of people who applied with a 'so old' TOEFL? Thanks in advance :)
  2. Dear rohitkumar, I am really sorry for your visa rejection. I can imagine it hurts, but at least consider how much your college wants you to keep your place for a whole year. I am sure it is not that common. At the same time you are really young, so think (I know it is difficult, but do try: it may help) in perspective. You have found the way to gain admission in the structure of the US education system (which all of us do know that may be so selective): otherwise people would apply only to one place,right? ;) ) and overcame problems, tests, different languages, etc. and excelled in them (I am sure it is quite rare to receive aid, for undergrad education). An embassy officer can not take you far from your dreams, that much: She/he can just defer them for a little, believe me. Use these months to get other info and other documents to succeed in getting a visa. I do not have useful advices and that is why I had not posted before, but people here are very nice and want to help and very well informed. So just i will cross fingers for you and am sure you will succeed: you have already shown it. All the best :tup:
  3. GRE taken on Nov, 21st. Anyway this has forced me not to apply to univ, having a Dec,15th deadline. All the best
  4. [clap] Congratulations, Erin. Excellent work and fantastic forum TM rocks :) all the best
  5. Thank you very much indeed, limitlesssky and kaluram. Manhattan is waiting for me ;) Have fun ! and happy Easter :)
  6. How long is it possible to visita city (in the US), before having to check-in, at the U? I am planning to reach NYC on Aug and stay there for a week (5 days, probably) then I ll move to Durham for joining Duke's community. Is it legal or have i got to go directly to the U? Thank u very much indeed and have a good Easter ;)
  7. Dear bealdia, first of all congrats for NCSU and all the best for OSU and UCI. I completely agree with ms_us, about NCSU. Why do not you email your Dpt, for having more info about the aid scenario, at least after first sem? At the same time you could try profletting, to check whether some prof (whose research interests you) may fund you. NCSU is a decent school and you will have the opportunity to also attend courses @Duke and @UNC. I think it is worth a try. About reapplying, I would not recommend you to apply for next Spring, because -typically- people have more problems in getting funded; so, in the worst case, I suppose it is better to apply for Fall 2007. Anyway: finger crossed for OSU and UCI and hope you will get great news about funding @NCSU. My :2cents: about. Sorry for not being able to help more
  8. thanks a lot for your reply, pheonix. From the very beginning I have been Duke-oriented, because of the particular program (and focus of my research) and of my prospective advisor (she is really really great). Nevertheless to think to turn down an offer was strange for me. But I have neither profletting @RPI, because I thought it would have been an unpleasent behaviour, in case of positive response from a Prof. Anyway ... here I am. Joining Duke's community and really glad to have decided this way. Wishing you all the best, for your decision :) and thanks again for your reply PS i do hope Durham will be cheap enough, but I am sure I can manage it ... ;)
  9. That's great :) You're @Eco dpt right? ... looking forward to meeting both of you there ;)
  10. OT: sorry to write here, but I would not know where else. Today I am going to accept Duke's offer (Pratt School of Eng). Marco30 (and, in case you are @duke, notacolour) : would you mind sharing info about Duke? thanks anyway for your attention and sorry for intrusion ;)
  11. I just want to thank you, for your irreplaceable support ;) I wish I had found before this really Magic forum (thanks, Erin, for making all this possible). This is my situation. I am an Aero/Mech Eng applicant for the PhD program. Caltech (I had even forgotten I had applied there ... too sure it would have been a reject ;)), Yale: rejected Cornell: Pending (no news until now) RPI: granted admission (PhD program in Aero/Mech Eng). Financial aid: pending Duke (going there): full aid + 22k + health insurance. I know RPI is very good school (and I should profletting, for aid) and I would have to wait for Cornell, at least (although I am not optimistic, at all) but I am sure I would go to Duke, anyway. Firstly because of the focus of my research: it will be about neural networks, applied to flight control. A lot of algebra and that's the thing I like more. I am sure this topic is particularly challenging and exciting to explore. Moreover my adviser is really kind and has given a personal attention to my candidature, from the very beginning. The PhD program @Duke is much more flexible and I will be able to choose my classes from any member of the Triangle (looking forward to learning more applied maths and advanced algebra :) ), and -in case- from Fuqua (I wanna, at least audit, a course in finance) and bioing classes (I hope I will find the time to do all this stuff ... we will see). Thanks again, all of you and ... see you in Durham :D
  12. Congratulations Suja ;) See you in Durham and keep in touch ;) I am going to Duke as well (today I am going to accept their offer) :D
  13. Congratulation prusd ... And NYU and Manhattan? What else do you need? :tup: :grad: Party hard ;) All the best
  14. I am so happy for you, Suja :D You deserve it !! Time to party [banana] [banana] [banana] Enjoy and congratulations once again !!! PS: I am going to accept Duke's offer (for Mech Eng: a very good school; but in your field it is top notch so ... [clap]) ... Hoping to see you there ;)
  15. @mahamaya101: well I am an Italian applicant, I am 30 :( and still considering going. But I could have problems (at work) and am quite sure I will go to Duke. On the other hand, I am conscious RPI is a good eng school (more ranked than Duke) and it would be impossible for me even just to consider RPI's offer, in case of no aid. Easy to say, you have more chances to get in touch with profs, in this kind of events and -maybe- getting some RA (not sure, but easier, for sure). So I am still thinking about going: I particularly like the research of a prof, @RPI. So ... @swaroop: RPI is going to have a 'Graduate Accepted Student Celebration' (on 3/31). I am quite sure they will send official adm/rej by snail mail. As I have written somewhere else in the forum, I have been kindly informed by a madame, working at the Mech Eng Dpt, because they needed my resume and asked me for it (when they were to start reviewing my application). She was so kind to let me know, as soon as the decision was made. BUT no official news, so far. Just received another email, inviting me to their event for the end of the month. In case they are still reviewing applications, you could receive the invitation email these days or you might be waitlisted. Hope this has been of little help. Anyway good luck with RPI and your other apps. ;)
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