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  1. 1. Faced with these massive changes, the government keeps it own counsel;although generally benevolent,it has always been_____regime. a. an altruistic b. an unpredictable c. a reticent d. a sanguine e. an indifferent Tocqueville decided to swear the oath of loyalty to the new Orleanist king in part_____(he wanted to keep his position as magistrate), and in part pragmatically(he was convinced that the democratization of politics represented by new regime was_____). a. expediently...calamitous b. opportunistically...inevitable c. imprudently...circumspect d. selflessly...idealistic e. theorotically...negligible can anybody explain?
  2. guys what i was thinking ... by taking coordinates of p we can make a rectangle having sides root 3 and 1 as we move it thr 90 deg same rect would be formed having + y and - x , so we can easily find out it's co-ordnts, but u should know op is making 60 try this one A man is known to speak truth 3 out of 4 times. He throws die and reports that it is a 6. The probability that it is actually a 6 is A) 3/4 B) 5/8 C) 2/5 D) 3/5 E) 4/5
  3. bohemian really sorry, i was totally out..i couldnt think abt it thanks
  4. bohemian, how can u say that op is making 30 deg to x and 60 to y. pls explain.
  5. manasi1

    pls explain

    thanks longatum.
  6. manasi1

    pls explain

    1) A big cube of side 6 cm is formed by putting together 216 small but identical cubes each of side 1 cm. now, if the corner cubes are removed, what is the change in total surface area of the big cube? a) decrease by 4 sq.cm b) decrease by 12 sq.cm c) increase by 48 sq.cm e) remains same how? For any positive integer n, the sum of the first n positive integers equals [n(n+1)]/2. What is the sum of all the even integers between 99 and 301? A. 10,100 B. 20,200 C. 22,650 D. 40,200 E. 45,150
  7. guys i did it this way. tell me if it is wrong. column a is x. x = 2y+3 given. so i just compared 2y+ 3 to y and it came D
  8. thanks star6, see this one what is the sum of all 2 digit nos. that give a remainder of 3 when divided by 7? i know it's A .P what should be the 1st term? is it 3 or 10
  9. star6, how did u calculate 2nd? as far as 1st goes mine is also 40
  10. sorry , i took a to e. ans should be 15
  11. do u know the ans? i guess it's 10
  12. Neaa, i guess 1st is nonplus:perplexed as stem words are synonyms. 2nd i guess C Do u know what ans. are?
  13. guys, could it be - no. of ceramic parts form mosaic pattern : no. of cloths form patchwork. array : numbers = numbers' orderly arrangement is array soldiers' orderly arrangement is formation?
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