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  1. Hi, How do u know abt the test dates in Oct06? It has not yet been displayed on the ets website.If i would like to book the test date for oct n nov 06 what i should do as they dont hv dates online yet?Please help.There r no dates available till sept 23rd in my area sanjose,sunnyvale,sanfransisco CA.When i talked with ets people they told me there will be only 2 dates available for testing in 1 mon.Is that true or they might change? How do i fined this out? Thanks. OTR.
  2. Hi Guys, We are in Sanjose and Santa Clara in California.If you r outside CA need not worry coz problem is in CA only.I confirmed with ets guys. Best luck to all. OTR.
  3. Hey Kavita,I am tried too by giving all these english exams.I am in the same boat as u.I gave CBT toefl last year then was stuck with TSE till the end.Now i am planning to give IBT toefl.Give me ur mail id if possible. I booked my ibt toefl on 26th aug and now they rescheduled the exam on sept 23rd due to technical problem.Its frustating.I know it happened with soumaya too. Best luck to All.
  4. Even my exam is rescheduled due to technical problem from 26th Aug to Sept 23rd.I am still in shock.They asked me to check online for any dates available from Aug 12th to Sept 23rd.I think there wont be any exams from 29th july till early Sept.This is really crazy.
  5. Hi Mel, Thanks for the information.I confirmed it from the otr website.Best luck to you,vislav and swati for OTR preparation.Guide us on how to prepare for OTR.Please share the study material and books to refer. Once again Good luck! to ALL who are going to appear for OTR. Thanks. otr.
  6. Hello Folks All the best for those waiting for results of TSE and TOEFL and also those who are perparing for OTR? I am still stuck waiting for the iBT and TSE results. Hope I pass this time and join the bandwagon of OTR preparations. I am running out of patience and time. Do you know if we can take OTR next year without having Masters provided that TSE and TOEFL is passed this year? Is this a rumour or truth? -OTR
  7. Please don't post anymore messages to the thread which has the actual test sets. Keeep yuour replies separate. Unless you are adding your own set from your exam Thanks
  8. The set that you will get may be any one of the two. Its totally upto the exam co-ordinator at your center. they can give you any one of the two sets. Last time we went to the center. One of the examinees who was taking exam close to registration booth was so loud that we could literally hear every thing. Co-ordinator changed our room twice and specifically said I can't give you the same set as you have already heard some of the questions. So my point is prepare both the test sets and go with confidence rather than just wasting your time asking for ready-made answers. They might help you today (I am not so positive with this attitude of yours) but when you actually start working you will have basic problem of communication. Good luck.
  9. otr

    Rescoring Help

    I got the scores for March exam within 3 weeks. I faxed in first week of April and they sent the rescoring results in the third week of April. And they reduced my score from 45 to 40. Well I should not complain as at least I did not lost money as the score was changed.
  10. Mine too! maheshm@gmail.com
  11. otr

    Questions for May 13.

    Thanks Anne, for clarifying. I was headed in a totally wrong direction on this subject.
  12. Hi Jyoti, Good to know about you.I am in CA.I passed OT from India.Please give me your mail id so that we can mail each other.Well i am preparing for tse and ibt toefl both. Thanks.
  13. Hi, I am going to take tse exam in May.Lets help each other i will be taking the exam in CA.
  14. I am giving my exam on May 13th @ San Francisco. Please share your experiences / exams questions answers etc.
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