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  1. Thanks to all the nice replies here especially to Lombardo! Why don't we try to compare job placements? I can't find any info on Oxford's site so it would be helpful if someone insider would comment on that. LSE has some info but most PhD students placed either at economic instituions or universities in their home countries. Seems like both PhD programs don't have very strong academic placements. Do we know of anyone distinguished who has attended either one of these at the PhD or Masters level?
  2. In what sense is LSE better option for the US? Strength of program? Repuation? I have a feeling LSE has a better rep in the Us while Oxford has a better one in the rest of the world. Or do you mean that LSE has better profs and courses are stronger?
  3. It depends how things turn out. I'm a US resident and EU citizen so I might apply to US but not Canadian schools for PhD. If I get into top 10-15, I would go but otherwise would continue in UK. Re: living. I would really prefer a big city but I have secured accommodation at Balliol which is more convenient. Can anyone evaluate quality of professors and research potential at both? I'm interested in DevEcon in case you need to consider it. I know that recently LSE is consindered the better one but Ox has a better global rep except maybe in the US. I don't know how big the differential is though. On EconPhD Ox ranks much lower than LSE.
  4. It's tricky. I'm a EU citizen bu I've been in the US in the recent years so I got classifed as an Overseas student.
  5. It's really late and the decision process is over but UK schools move slowly. I got accepted in March both by Oxford and LSE but Oxford awarded me the Weidenfield Scholarship which covers everything. I had decided on Oxford for this but today I just got a letter notifying me that LSE gives me a 25K scholarship annually. Now I really don't know what to do. It's for the Masters program but my ultimate goal is PhD. I may stay in the school I choose or apply to US schools for that part. Argh, the agonizing decision.
  6. I just got my acceptance letter. It fooled me at first since it was a thin envelope. Info on college and financial aid would come later. Anyone knows if general scholarships are also given later or they have already been distributed?
  7. I thought you are considered for Merit award when you apply. However, when I got my acceptance letter I am told i am eligible to apply for it together with some supporting scheme. Then I was directed to LSE for You for the online application. However besides this, there seems to be a separate financial scheme on the Financial office website that breaks down applications by various criteria of eligibily such as country of origin, etc. This has a paper application. Now all this really confuses me. The requirements are fairly similar and both applications go to the same place so I'm not sure if these are separate schemes or not. Please someone who has more experience battling this monster to clarify.
  8. it's been more than two weeks an no word from Oxford. Does it mean it's over? I'm in the US for your reference.
  9. Is it customary for LSE to admit to M.Sc. WITHOUT giving financial information? My notification directed me to a website where I should apply for aid. They ask for your financial situation and what is the minimum aid you need to take your place. How likely it is to get some aid after you file this form provided you have next to noting on your own?
  10. Well, I'm probably an exception since I heard unofficially from LSE's Econ department but not from the grad school and no word on funding. It's been two weeks since I got the email and still nothing.
  11. I saw the opportunity posted below but anyone knows any other opportunities to ramp up my research experience before going to grad school in the fall? I'm no longer in school so being an RA at my old alma mater doesn't count although I did this in my time.
  12. Thanks, I'm trying to make a comprehensive decision. To clarify, once I finish my degree, be it masters or PhD I'm planning to return to the US be it to pursue a PhD if I'm lucky or to work. This may change but as a US resident I have more latitude than in the UK.
  13. Compared to most people here my choices are modest so I feel a little embrassed to mention them. I know US programs are always preferrable but this is what I have. My ultimate goal is PhD and these are masters. I may try to apply to US PhD programs after the masters or stay and finish the PhD there so I need to weigh this in as well. How do you compare these places in terms of academics and futiure prospects? I don't have word on financial aid from both so although money is an issue for me, I can't weigh that in now. Lastly, I'm a European with a BA degree from top 10 US school. Not sure how a UK masters will seem next to it.
  14. Miriam just let me know that I'm in. Apparently they've delayed mine for consideration for funding (I'm a EU citizen with a US degree).
  15. I'm a little confused since LSE has one year MSc which ocudl be followed by a four year MPhil/PhD program. On the other hand, Oxford has two year MPhil followed by three year DPhil. So are they on the same level in the sense that someone with a Bachelor degree cna apply to Ox MPhil and LSE Msc? On a different note, I was told that in the British system, you apply and are accepted by only one professor who is your supervisor, i.e. there's no committee in the sense there is in the US. So part of the admissions process is to find someone to work with. Applying to Ox, I wrote a diss porposal tailored to someone specifi and contact him before applying. He was polite and expressed interest. We exchanged several emails about my topic. My friend who graduated from there told me the crucial thing is to win a prof and then you are done but I'm not so sure. Anyone has some wisdom to add?
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