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    I am Manasa and got admission from university of Kentucky for M.S in C.S. My interview is on 24th. I would like to hear your views for these ques. For the question 1)Why that university from VO is there need to mention our specialization area? Else how can we answer that question? How u answer the following ques? What u will do after your M.S? Why u will return to India? All suggestions are welcome Manasa.
  2. Hi all TMagicians First of all I want to thanku all. It's all with the help of this site I got that score. Thank you very much. Nothing much to tell about TOEFL other than all TM's have already said. But I want to give 1 suggestion regarding listening. I tried listening English songs using Headphones . I think it helped me. Thanku once again Munni
  3. 64. Some people prefer to work for themselves or own a business . Others prefer to work for an employer . Would you rather be self-employed, work for someone else , or own a business ? Use specific reasons to explain your choice. Working for themselves or for an employer depends on individuals and also on situations. This is clearly explained as follows. Each individual differs from other in many aspects. Depending on his/her wish, preferences and mentality he/she works for themselves or for someone else. Situations in which individuals are involved also have their effect. An individual , for example , wants to start some new business. However due to financial problems or some other problems he/she may be forced to work for an employer. Both these have their own benefits and drawbacks. The benefits of working for someone else are following. Firstly, we can gain experience by working for others. This is very helpful when they later started their own business. Before starting a new business what matters is not one can be successful or fail in that one but it is the one whether he/she has some past experience or full knowledge about it. This is the reason for which all employers will ask the candidates in the interview whether they had any past experience or not. Secondly, it teaches how to work for others. This is important because all cannot work for others. Moreover it also provides a way to see how the employers are making decisions ,what errors they are doing ,how they are behaving with their superiors as well as with their sub-ordinates. Drawbacks of this are we have to work in a monotonic way and cannot use new methods unless the approval of employer. The benefits of self-employing are: Firstly, we ourselves provide employment to lot of people which gives abundant spiritual satisfaction. Secondly ,we can follow any method or technology we wish as we are the bosses. Main drawback of this is if we make one wrong decision it can affect the lives of hundreds of others. Furthermore , one should be fully aware of all risks associated with it. And also should be able to face both rises and falls with same courage. In summing, I would prefer to work for an employer initially and later prefer to own a business. As one cannot lead a life as he/she thinks , it all depends on the individuals and the situation they are facing.
  4. "I came across a junction with two roads, one is trampled upon. I chose the less beaten one", or so goes a famous adage. If there is one thing that the realm of Information Technology (IT) makes possible, it is entrepreneurship: the abillity to dream and the tools and means to convert those dreams into a reality. There was a time when one couldn't even imagine opening a business without first having to arrange a huge capital. Gone are those days. IT is fast changing that landscape. All that is needed now is a good business vision and a will to reach that vision. Hailing from an IT background, it is my desire to launch my own startup after I am done with my studies. The road to entrepreneurship is not without its risks and perils, but the rewards waiting at the destination are equally luscious. One one hand, there is the risk of losing it all, but on the other hand there is the possibility of becoming another Bill Gates or Larry Alison. These enterprising personas choose not to be a part of the existing system, but rather decided to undertake the perilous journey on the less beaten road. Where they stand today can be easily seen. A self-owned business offers one numerous opportunities to excel and surpass others. First of all, it gives one the creative space to follow ones vision and to carve out that vision in real life. Second, it provides an innate motivation to use one's potentials to the maximum. When one is working for another entity, one might observe a certain impersonal attitude prevailing in one's self. No matter how high you climb up the ladder in that company, a foreign company will never have that feeling of being something something personal. A self-owned business gives an individual that satisfaction. It is the search for this creative space and this feeling of possessiveness that compels me to choose this road. To boldly go where no one has gone before. It was this desire that originally led me to undertake a bachelors in computer engineering. It has been my motivating spirit throughout my undergraduate studies: to one day apply the knowledge I am acquiring in starting my own IT business. When I entered this field, my view of the field of IT was narrow, the horizons nebulous. But four years later, I feel that I have come a long way since that first fall semester. The experience has taught me how to take calculated risks, how to meet deadlines, and how to work in a team. All these skills would indeed prove valuable if I were to set up my own business. It will be still be a while before I embark upon my dream, but now I have the knowledge and confidence to undertake that journey. There is no end to learning and it is with this desire that I wish you pursue my graduate studies first. I believe that a solid technical base and good credentials would go a long way in helping me reach the ultimate goal that I have set for myself. There are people who would prefer to go the easy way: join a company, never having to worry again. Yet again, there are people who would dare to venture in unchartered waters. I believe that I belong to the latter category. I could never satisfy my passion for entrepreneurship by working for another company. It is to quelch this thirst that I would rather set up my own business. Hi I am giving TOEFL tomorrow morning. Wish me luck. Regards, Ali
  5. 63.Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Most experiences in our lives that seemed difficult at the time become valuable lessons for the future. Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer. The statement that most experiences in our lives that seemed difficult at the time become valuable lessons for the future is an undoubtedly accepted statement. There are sayings about experience like “Experience speaks”, ”Experience makes man perfect” . These say that with experience one can predict how the situation is going to be turned out and with experience one become perfect with understanding all the pros and cons of it. These experiences are the most valuable lessons one should not forget throughout the life for successful and prosperous future. One reason for my belief is that past experiences are helpful in overcoming the mistakes we have done previously. For example, last month my brother attended for an interview. He prepared well for that . However , he cannot get job in that company because of the fact that he does not know much about that company and the job for which he applied. Subject wisely he prepared well for that. If he remember this mistake and never make it again then he will be successful. Otherwise he may have to face the same situation. Another reason for my belief is they also help to make better progress in the future. For example, for my previous semester exams I studied which are easier to me first and left all the difficult lessons to study later. But during the examination time I suffered a lot because I do not had the time to study the difficult topics which are new to me . Obviously they took much time to study only few topics and as I also had to revise the previous one I left some of the portion . Due to this I cannot farewell in the exams. With this experience next time I can betterly plan my preparation so that I can do well in my future exams. Finally, there may be situations where we can learn lessons from past experiences but we can reverse the affect of those mistakes or decisions. In those cases the best thing is to observe our precedents lives and learn lessons from their experiences.
  6. hi MS I am planning to take it in Dec. I don't know how to prepare for that. can you help me in that. thank u.
  7. Hi Ms congrats on ur great score. when r u taking ur toefl.
  8. hey cathyding it's great score. congrats. by the way can anyone help me in toefl preparation. thanku.
  9. hi neeraj thanku for ur suggestions. they will help me a lot. as i am new to this forum i don't know the math forum address. can u tell me the address of it.and i don't have the R.S agarwal book.please tell how to prepare for quant. thanku .
  10. hi neeraj congrats .atlast u did it. i have my gre within 5 days. any tips about preparation in last days. from which question ur 1st rc started. now-a-days i am hearing that they got 120 lines rc. is it common? or is it rare? how u paced yourself. how much time u take for first 10 v questions. thanku munni
  11. hi does anyone taking gre b4 aug 14. i am taking on 14 please can u suggest some tips about preparation for last days.
  12. Dear all! I am taking my GRE test this month. If yo have some time can you pls got through my essay and give me some suggestions. Thanks a lot ...Munni If u already taken ur GRE test! Can you pls spend a minute and tell me how much I can score on my essay. 046 society does not place enough emphasis on the intellect—that is,on reasoning and other cognitive skills The speaker's claim is that society does not stress much emphasis on intellect. eventhough the intellects will be repected by the public they are less popular than others who excels in other fields like sports,media,politics etc. I concede with the author that these intellects does not receive as much attention or support from the society as they deserve. To start with , intellects are the ones who invented many things for the man to lead a comfortable and luxurious life. Yet society does not recognizes the effort these intellects have put ,the stress they underwent in inventing or discovering these. But it uses these inventions for its own uses. Today how many knows that telephone that now becomes a necessary and compulsory device was invented by Graham Bell? But they can answer the questions like who was the captain of Australian cricket team,who was the famous England football player who have joined the Real Madrid Club. Secondly ,consider the example of Srinivas Ramanujan, India's great mathematician. He came from a poor family which cannot afford his educational expenses. Yet he showed extraordinary ability at the age of 16 itself. He wrote all his observations ,his discoveries,and the new formulas he derived in a small note book. Due to his proverty and lack of support from the society except for few individuals he has not done much research in his field. Today groups of mathematicians are working to decipher what he has written in his notebook. If he had received much support from the society he would have contributed much more to the society. Finally consider the case of scientists , who struggle through out their lives to contribute new inventions to the society . today we are living in the world where we can see our loved ones where ever they present at the moment we want to see them, also we can talk to them , and can see what ever is happening in the world . are not these contributions of the intellects who have the reasoning and other cognitive skills ? But public pays much attention only on the celebrities and public figures. For example consider the game of Chess. Playing this game requires intelligence,reasoning and analyzing skills. But this was not popular except in few countries . on the other hand games like cricket and football which does not require reasoning and coginitive skills are popular throughout the world. In sum , the society should place much emphasis on the intellect and should support ,encourage them for better results from them which will be beneficial to the society.
  13. If u already taken ur GRE test! Can you pls spend a minute and tell me how much I can score on my essay. Dear all! I am taking my GRE test this month. If yo have some time can you pls got through my essay and give me some suggestions. Thanks a lot ...Munni 047 the study of history places The speaker’s claim is 2 fold. 1) significant events and trends in history were made possible not by the famous individuals but by groups of people. 2) and that history places much emphasis on individuals but not on groups of people. study of history tells us many things. History records all the major events and trends without showing any bias whether they were made possible by famous individuals or groups of people. This makes obvious that study of history does not stress on either one . History is fraught with many examples where major events were made possible by individuals. Consider the case of Gandhi, father of India. He faught against the British to achieve Independence. Though there were many great leaders struggled along with him he was the supreme and prominent among them. He organized and led many movements like Dandi march, swadesi movement to send back Britishers to their country. He inspired thousands of people through out the country with his speeches and virtues. Under his leadership only India achieved independence . though many other leaders and thousands of people participated in these movements it was his ability to persuade ,encourage and organize people that made these movements successful. Any significant event or trend was not made possible alone by the individual itself. But there should be someone to lead and maintain the groups of people to make the event successful. Without the leader the event will be a complete failure as there will be no one to guide them in right path. For example, Mother Teresa ,one of the greatest soul that has lived on earth worked for the poor , destitutes and orphans. She established many several separate centers for old age people,orphans etc. she performed all these activities not alone by herself. Some gave the money,food clothes and some others volunteer themselves to do the work. But all these programmes are started and managed by herself only. However some who concede with the speaker may point out that major events or trends can be made possible by groups of people. This can be mostly seen in scientific field and in politics. One example for this can be French revolution. It is achieved by any individual but all people unanimously worked to put end to the monarchal rule. In scientific fields most of the reaserches were done by group of scientists. One example for this is :in discovering radium both madam curie and pierie curie worked together. In sum , from the examples and points I conclude that history does not stress much emphasis on individuals alone and that significant events and trends were not only made possible by groups of people but also by famous few.
  14. Hi Dear All, If you ever get chance please Critique my essay please.. Thanks! -Munni 8:-IT IS OFTEN NECESSARY ,EVEN DESIRABLE FOR POLITICAL LEADERS TO WITHHOLD INFORMATION FROM THE PUBLIC. The issue at hand is a controversial one. Though it has both pros and cons on its side the speaker asserts that is good when the information is concealed from the public. The following examples and points supports my view which belie with that of the author's. First of all, in any democratic government leaders are elected by public according to thier own likes and wishes .Hence they represent the entire people in their respective areas.so,it is the responsibility of the leaders to take public opinion into consideration. And this is not possible if the information is hidden from the people. The leaders are responsible for creating awareness among people and seek their opinion.since the purpose of the leaders is to develop their respective areas or provinces or nations th eopinion of the public plays a crucial role. And obviously, it will be the best one to be cinsidered for development as it represents what is desperately needed by the public and what suits best to them. Secondly, withholding the information from the public makes the public unaware of what is currently going on. This can even lead to the ignorance of the people. To support this consider a government policy or scheme ,for example,such as "vidhya vahini "which was recently launched by the prime minister of India. Its purpose is to interconnect all the government schools which are aroundly 65,000, present in the country. If this is not made public,people will be unaware of this and hence cannot be benefitted by this facility which was launched for public's welfare.And moreover all the money involved in this will be wasted. Thirdly,there are certain issues which should not be withheld from the public such as government's decision of not accepting the euro as its currency in Britian and America's decision to fight against Taliban regime in Afghanisthan after the 9/11 attacks etc. Issues such as these has prominent importance and consideration of nation's opinion is must.Support from the nation to governmnet's policies or stnaces on issues boosts its morale. Simillarly any criticism or opposition to it will make leaders to view it over again. However, I agree that there are certain issues, where it is often necessary and desirable for the leaders to withheld the information from the public. First consider National Security Policy .As it is the prime factor in defending the nation from neighbouring or any other country attacks it should be maintained as top secret by th leaders. Secondly issues which unnecessarily creates tension ,choas and conflicts among communities or public should also be withheld. Finally,as a whole I conclude that in my view it will be good if information not relating to the national security policies or some other crucial aspects is divulged to the public rather than withholding it from the public.
  15. Dear All, I am munni, bachelor’s student in C.S. I just started preparing GRE. I am posting my first essay that I wrote. Please rate my essay. I appreciate ur suggestions and replies. Thanking you for ur time, -Munni. minaganti@yahoo.com We can usually learn much more from people whose views we share than from people whose views contradict our own disagreement can cause stress and inhibit learning" ans:- I disagree with the statement that we can learn more from people whose views we share than from people whose views contradict our own. First of all, we can know why they are contradicting. The reasons and the arguments why they are contradicting. How far they are genuine. It also helps to have a different view about the things, which account for viewing the objects in a broader way. It also gives a way to observe how well they are expressing their views and convincing the others with their arguments. Secondly, in order to support our own ideas we will look deeper into the subject. For instance consider that we are arguing with our friend(s) about a particular issue. If the situation appears as if the opponent is going to win then we will refer the books or whatever the relevant source for the statements, relevant examples that support our very own ideas. By that way we can learn more about that subject. The other reason is if our view is wrong then we can know the truth by those who contradict our views but not by those who share our views. If ours is right then we can know the demerits from the opponents. it helps to understand the merits and demerits about the subject. It also helps to have different perspective other than ours. Finally, it improves the express ability of our ideas. This is true because everyone wants to be superior to other and in particular when different people have different ideas about the topic. For that we want to convince others that our ideas are better than theirs. in order to convince them we will express ,explain our views in a clear cut manner so that they too will agree with us. I conclude by saying that we can have both merits and demerits from the people with whom we contradict rather than from those with whom we share our views. Considering the merits and demerits finally we can have our own perspective. It also helps in cultivating the habit of accepting others ideas too. Thank u once again
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