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  1. takku

    Naplex ,wait time

    Hey friends, I took NAPLEX on Oct 4th.. Cud you tell me how long it will take to get the score, And how wud I get it? I called NJ board,they said they can't tell me over the phone.. this Waiting is giving me more tension than the test.. thanks Takku
  2. Hey ranirani. Congrats,,, ,I passed on my 10th attempt as well... I think now you know how you feel after passing this horrible, ridiculous,time consuming test. hahaha,, Just Kidding.... Takku
  3. Hey, Its not a requirement that you work as a technician to get intern license.some one could hire you as Intern Pharmacist . I was working for CVS for past 2 yrs as a tech .that's it. I'm a greencard holder. I don't have a sponsor. I got the FPGEC yesterday. So once you get it ,In order to start Intership in NJ, you have to mail a notarised copy along with the application, and than they'll send a calendar to mark the hours weekly and after completion of that we have to send ot back to be eligible for NAPLEX. That's what I know.. Thanks Takku
  4. takku

    Got FPGEC

    Hey Friends,, Finally I got the FPGEC. I got the toefl score on Nov9th & my certificate was issued on Dec7th .. So 1 month. Now NJ Board told me to send a Notarised copy of that along with the application for Internship. They process that in 2 weeks. So hopefully evrything seems OK. Thanks for all your Help,... Thankyou Takku
  5. Hey I got letter fron NJ board thet they need notaised copy of FPGEC to approve internship . They don't accept score sheets.. So I'm waiting for my FPGEC..Its a month now that I passed toefl.. Whenever I call NABP they say my certificate is on pending.. thay got my scores.. what does that mean? please help... Thanks takku
  6. hey friends, I already sent the application form but didn't enclose fpgee score or toefl score. Is that because they didn't reply me that I just sent the application alone. I don't know I'm getting mad. Because I already started internship hours . Will they count those hours or I've to start again. anyway I called NJ board and Iwas told that they will send the application form and the lady told I've to attach fpgee certificate.. And Again,, how long it will take NABP to send the FPGEC.. Please help,, Thanks Takku
  7. HeyFriends I just passed Toefl But Didn't get my FPGEC yet. My concern is regarding Internship. How do I apply for it? & whatz the procedure? how long will it take to get approval? Should I wait for the FPGEC or can I enclose the FPGEE score and toefl. Or how it works? Its really urgent ,,please help me. CVS already hired me as Intern .since I was a tech there they changed my status now. I'm worried about NJ board now..Thanks Takku _ _ _ _ SIG _ _ _ _ Finally I passed TOEFL ,,[clap] HURRAY!!!!![clap]
  8. Hey Sondiv, I'm also like you at CVS? I just passed Toefl But Didn't get my FPGEC yet. My concern is regarding Internship. Did you apply for the internship to the boad. & whatz the procedure? how long will it take to get approval? Should I wait for the FPGEC or can I enclose the FPGEE score and toefl. Or how it works? How did you do that? R u in NJ? Thanks Takku
  9. Hey , I don't know any difference.. only thing keep the microphone volume high and talk in your regular pace, atleast for speaking section. Don't think about neighbours and don't feel shy to speak. Speak whatever comes to your mind. It was all God's miracle ... thatz it... Takku
  10. Hey friends, Could anyone please tell me an average rate of foreign grad intern pay in NJ? I'm looking especially in CVS.. If anyone can help please post ASAP.. Thanks Takku
  11. Hey friends, Thank you very much.. As I said It was Lord's kindness. I don't think I did anything different than other tests. Its all God's power. The only differnt answer that I did was the microphone check question. Describe the city you live in.. I said I've been describing my city for past 8 or 9 times, Its the same.. Hahahaha , I was like annoyed.... It all Miracle....Keep trying ,, don't give up.. Thatz it Now I think I can move on to NAPLEX forum... Thank You very much for all your support.... Takku
  12. Hey friends, Its all God's grace or Miracle ,,whatever,, I don't know how to express it.. It was my 10th attempt and finally I got 26 in speaking... I don't have any advice.. Its all God's Wish... Thatz all... Keep trying trying.. Once your bud will bloom... Thatz it.... I'm so excited... Thank you for all your support and prayers.. Takku
  13. takku

    Exam on 17th october

    Hey Guys, I've my test on 19th oct, in USA, 6pm Eastern I apprecite ur effort..takku
  14. hey fafy,, Me too in the same boat..got 98,, but 23 in speaking... I felt little bit understanding problem with second independent question,, "young adults are influenced by family".. I had to think and stammered in answering.. I think thatz my fault.. anyway booked for Nov11th,, see you then.. takku
  15. Hey , how was ur test? what were the speaking topics,, Could you please post.. thanks
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