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    TOEFL essay help thread

    Nuclear family Two hypothesis are available about how can family live together. Some groups family believes that it’s better to live as a nuclear family than to live in a extended family. It means that they believe to live with a family with more limited crowd which called nuclear family is better than extended family with uncle, aunt, and grandmother, grand fathered,etc. these family to know better the nuclear one because of several reasons such as 1.children will be more independent in nuclear family 2.family with fewer crowds would have more silence 3.these families have more dominate and proficiency to train the children. Have an independent children is one of the most important reasons which because of that some people believing nuclear family more. Moreover, children in crowded family use to need someone near them. Indeed, it makes them more emotional and sentimental. Silence is the other point which nuclear family emphasis on. They think a extended family, because of their crowd never can be as silence as nuclear one. For example, parents after of all daily presser need to have a comfortable place and maybe it’s makes them nerves a bit to face with a crowded home. Obviously, the treatment of all persons at home has an effect in children, especially in small child because their personalities are not still formed enough. Thus, parents can not have a very impressive effect in training. In summary, both nuclear family and extended family are two acceptable hypotheses that we have more emphasis on nuclear one.
  2. hi -by- I don't know exactly which one is exactly correct but I have an advice to you. you must know that in readind section, when they ask the meaning of easy word they want the second or third meaning in dictionary.
  3. Hi everybody I'm a new member, I want to know that members of this site have just communicate with each other just with post? is there any chat room too or not?
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    time span

    Hi, everybody I have a problem like brumblerose with this difference that My writing is so bad, How I can improve it quickly. two months ago I'll have toefl exam.
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