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  1. Anyone interested in buying Big Book (for GRE) in US, please contact. -MS
  2. MS


    Its University of Southern California
  3. MS


    Thanks Vipul and Eagle.
  4. MS


    Thanks Thaiva, sunxcat, laura and randhawa. I don't know about the funding right now.Yeah, I hope I find some. Maybe TA/RA. What schools have u applied for sunxcat and randhawa?
  5. MS

    GRE Big Book

    I still have the big book. If interested, please contact.
  6. MS


    Thanks Jaideep and Wood!! Have applied to few more....still waiting for their response. GRE: 800Q, 610V, 5.0 AWA TOEFL: 283
  7. Hey....................... Got admit letter from USC for Masters in CS-Fall 2004!!! (the wait was so boring;)) [bounce][bounce][bounce]
  8. No idea about that....i am also wondering if I get 5.5 it will be around 277 or so....my scores are 227-283 RECOS, SOP...a lot of work to do.... Good luck on your apps too!!!
  9. Hey Congrats Wood..... Great score! Countdown is ending soon....one more to go...All the best for that....!!
  10. I know you will get a greatttt score!!! All the best!
  11. Thanks a lot Vinay! Am heading towards SOP,recoz and other stuff now... When is your GRE and TOEFL?
  12. Psyoutlaw Thats true! I don't have any problems in taking subject test. Its just that the deadlines are near and I haven't registered for subject test. I don't think there's enough time left for me to register now,prepare and then wait for applying.... Rather, I would try out without subject test! Lets see what happens....
  13. Hey Vinay... Many top schools say Subject GRE is preferred....So is there any chance of getting admitted in any of these without subject GRE (with 1410+5.0 in GRE and 227-283 in TOEFL and a good academic preformance)?? I have 2 years work experience in Software Industry but my back ground is Electrical Engineering.
  14. Anyway,Thanks ! NO, Am not taking subject GRE! Hope your preparation is going well for the subject test! All the best! MS
  15. Thanks a lot, Wood! After seeing my score(lower limit), I wasn't sure how I did. Am in the process of preparing for Apping. Any clues about Statement of Purpose and Letters of Recommendations? Any book you suggest?
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