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    I have my TOEFL test tomorrow. I would highly appreciate if someone can look at this essay and suggest some quick tips to improve....SOME DO'S and DON'Ts....please!!!


    Being away from home for a long time requires lot of packing and planning. Given a choice to take one additional item apart from clothes and personal care, I would love to take my camera along with me. My camera has always been an important part of my journeys for various reasons.


    Firstly, while enjoying my trip away from home, I would like to capture all the beautiful sceneries and moments I experience. Later in my life, all these pictures taken would remind me of this wonderful trip and the memories will be retained for my future generations to cherish. For example, recently I visited Grand Canyon National Park. With the help of my camera I could capture the wonderful sceneries and now my friends are amazed to see the beauty of the place through the photographs.


    Secondly, I am an enthusiastic photography fan. Various blends of colors in the sky during sunrise and sunset, the setup of an altogether different environment from my own, unusual activities encountered in the trip always inspire me to sieze them in my camera and take them along with me. Considering the long duration of the trip, I guess I would have lots of things to take pictures of.


    Also, my camera would let me document all the information and details about the places I visit which later on I can send to my relatives and friends to enjoy. Seeing the visuals they can easily make out what all I did and saw during my trip and understand better whatever I narrate to them.


    I would say that my camera would be a perfect companion for my trip because it would make my trip all the more wonderful, informative and memorable on my return.


  2. Hey Psyoutlaw...

    U really seem to be very nice and helpful person!!

    I am in the process for applying for Masters in CS for fall 2004.

    I see many people here talk about emailing profs and all.

    Could u tell me what is it all about? What do they contact the profs for, before admission? How do you know which profs to write to and what all to write? Do the profs entertain such emails??

    I am also working on SOPs and Recos. U suggested a book "Graduate Admissions Esays," by Donald Asher. I will definitely get this book.

    Could you forward some sample SOPs u have? That would be great help to start off with.



  3. Big Book is superset of ETS:GRE Practicing to take the General test- 10th edition.

    Big Book contains 27 actual tests. ETS-GRE Practicing to take the General test contains 7 of these 27 tests.

    If you want to practice more u can get Big Book.

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