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    How to prepare?

    Hey guys, Am just finished with my GRE and am heading towards TOEFL now... I saw the books suggested here in TM. I have Barrons Book for TOEFL (Is it outdated?) I am in confusion about the second book... LONGMAN (Expensive!!!...plus have to buy book and audio seperately...) OR ETS TOEFL Kit....(official) I wanna get really good scores in TOEFL. What do u guys suggest? Is Longman really worth so many bucks or ETS TOEFL kit will serve the purpose? OR is there any other book u suggest? Thanks in advance.
  2. I am applying for Fall 2004... If possible...with aid... but if not...maybe i'll manage... When is ur exam?
  3. About me: I have a GRE score fo 1410(800Q 610V)...Yet to take TOEFL. I want to pursue Masters in CS. I have done BE in Electrical Engineering from India and was amongst top 10 in the class. I have two years of work experience in Application Software. I have sent my scores to USC, UW, University of California-Irvine and UCSD after the test. My Questions: Please suggest what are chances at USC, UW? Do I stand any chance in Stanford, Princeton, Texas-Austin or Berkeley? Should i apply to these colleges? Which colleges out of these require subject test? (some universities say Subject test is preferred, UCLA specifies subject test is required, so am not thinking of applying there) Awaiting ur kind suggestions. Thanx
  4. Congratulations VzlaGirl!! Great Score!!!
  5. I already checked this link....they say it is accessible only after we get our scores by mail. It will take around 2 weeks. I will surely post how i did in first 10 questions. About the test anxiety, I did face that...the day before the test I did 1-2 powerprep test and revised some difficult words i had sorted out earlier. On the test day i was very nervous because i am not a morning person and i was afraid i won't be as alert as i should be....but the tension did not let me drowse....i was pretty much alert and attentive.... As I told earlier, after AWA i took 10 mins break and just tried to forget that i ever did something in the past one and a half hour.... I would say take all ur breaks ,try to remain calm and cool....and before clicking CONFIRM just look at ur choice again.... BEST OF LUCK FOR TOMORROW!!!
  6. Sorry for the delay in replying...was on vacation! VzlaGirl Frankly,time management was never a problem for me while doing powerprep..I used to finish 10-12 mins before the time in several Big book and Kaplan paper tests... BUT The real test requires time management....and some tactics... I remembered the mantra that YOU HAVE TO BE EXTRA CAREFUL WHILE DOING FIRST 15 QUESTIONS...I did the same but keeping in mind that I don't spend unnecessarily extra time on these.....I completed my test on time...I did not guess for any question....I was left with 2.5 mins for my last question and I substituted several values for the variable to check that I have ticked the right choice...just to utilize my spare time. BUT ONCE ;) after about 17-18 question I felt I won't be able to complete the test. Don't worry u'll be able to manage that! ALL THE BEST!!!! Psyoutlaw Some questions were quite similar to the pattern in powerprep.....not exactly the same ofcourse.... ALL THE BEST!!!!
  7. already posted before.... See this! GRE Analogy
  8. Thanks a lot Psyoutlaw. I would try be somewhat regular here.....I have my TOEFL soon... Hope TM helps me in that too!
  9. Vinay Thanks Vinay! I must thank u for encouraging me to get Big Book and not rely on ddd.net. It helped me a lot! toshibauser011 Yeah Big Book did help me....I did lots of practice for Data Interpretation from that...and ofcourse Verbal. Infact I did the Verbal from Big Book twice. But TMians helped me a lot. I used to post all confusions here and got the convincing answer by NOT ONE but many TMians.
  10. [bounce][bounce][bounce]HEY ITS OVER[bounce][bounce][bounce] Yeah am quite happy with my score! THANKS A LOT ERIN for such a wonderful site and fellow TMians for the great help and practice! I got Quant-Verbal-Quant. First quant was a bit tougher than the second one. And definitely quant is more time consuming than what it seems in PP. I used to finish up in 35 min while practicing from PP but at the test(might be due to tension[:(!]) after about 15-18 questions i was afraid i won't be able to complete the test. While solving ,at every question i felt i was wrong and maybe i'll mess up my score. [:o)] Thank God i didn't! Verbal was good! Not too tough, words from barrons,Guru but yeah the choices were little confusing. Have to be very careful while picking up the answer choice. First RC was veryyyyy long....i think i spent quite a good amount of time on that and still wasn't confident of what i was answering. Same, after that RC i thought i will get short of time...but that didn't happen...Antonyms and analogies were good and quick...Sentence completion was little tough...(for me!!). AWA was okay! I took 10 mins break and tried to forget what i did in the issue and argument task...!! Maybe i did just fine, can't say..depends how convincing it looks to the people who will evaluate. Overall, its quite tiring. Sitting for four continuous hours...especially in the morning (am not a morning person...). Now,I have to start working for TOEFL and ofcourse SOPs and recommendation letters. Again, Thanks a lot Tmians and All the best to those who have yet to appear!
  11. Confusing one!!Could u post the answer for this please?
  12. for first: (4*10^2)(5*10^3)(6*10^4)=4*5*6*(10^9) =120*10^9 or 1.2*10^11 so n=11 for second: ABCDEF total 3-letter subsets=6C3=20(already given) total 3 letter subsets with F ...means u have 1 of the 3 letters as F...u have to choose 2 more out of the rest...i.e 5C2=10 for third: one peson's share when 400 is divided among N people=400/N one peson's share when 400 is divided among 2N people=400/2N reduction=400/N-400/2N percentage reduction= reduction/original distribution= {400/N-400/2N}/400/N cancelling 400 throughout =(1/N-1/2N)/1/N =(1/2N)/(1/N) cancelling N...we get 1/2 or 50% reduction...so answer is (A)
  13. Is it? 550-580 for CS?I am scared now! anyway..lets face the music.... Thanks Wood for the Wishes! By the way...did u fill in the survey asked before the test? Which schools did u apply for?
  14. 8 x pi*(5^2)=200*pi area of smaller pancakes= pi(2.5^2)=pi*25/4 number of smaller pancakes=(200*pi)/(pi*25/4)=32
  15. CONGRATS Wood![w00t] Was anxiously waiting for ur post.... Your quant score is excellent and verbal is good too(for CS people its quite okay) i think! i hope i manage to do okay tomorrow!! Once again...Congratulations!!!
  16. 12^10=(2X2X3)^10 (2 raise to power 2 x 3)^10 or (2 raise to power 2x10)x(3 raise to power 10) means (2^20)(3^10) so for 2^n to be factor of 12^10 ,largest value of n is 20
  17. MS

    Change in pattern

    they have introduced a speaking test...which is not scored...means scores will be reported to the examinee only....scores for that will be effective from sept 2005. visit http://www.toefl.org for details
  18. Q 3: Ratio of Ruby:emerald=8/3...(A) Ratio of diamond:ruby=5/6....(B) Take a common number for 6,8(LCM) for rubies...i.e 24 so multiply (A) by 3 Ruby:emerald=24/9 and multiply (B) by 4 diamond:ruby=20:24 hence diamond:ruby:emerald=20:24:9 so least no. of jewels are 20+24+9=53 HTH
  19. Q 1: This has been already answered before as: Let's take a 5 digit integer abcde it can be written as 10000a + 1000b + 100c + 10d +e Now it's reflection is edcba , which can be written as 10000e +1000d + 100c + 10b + a The difference of the two is 9999a + 990b -990d -9999e, which is obviously divisible by 9. This is the concept, but ofcourse, if you are stuck, the easiest way is to take a 5 digit number , subtract it from its reflection and see, which number it is divisible by. Try with 2 such numbers and get to the answer.
  20. i somehow remembered the meaning of "table" in this relation....i once saw the meaning some time back while doing practice from bigbook!
  21. Have u thought of what schools u'll be sending ur score tomorrow?
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