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  1. Hi i am looking for study partner too.
  2. how you guys are studying ?
  3. hi Have you taken exam before. i was looking for study partner too but i don't live in nyc.
  4. Hi mdn61999 which year book you have slaydek. where you live in case if i want the book? Thanks
  5. Hi mdn61999 i would appreciate help.taking exam in march.last time.how you can help me? need help. how you studied pls i need suggestions.
  6. Hi court nice to see someone who is taking otr. i will be taking exam too in march, aroud 1st week.
  7. Hi don't know which method is best to study.e-mail is fine too. some questions 1. A patient who has Alzhimer's disease is in a skilled nursing facility aimlessly walk thr hallways, is unable to to recall recent events, becomes easily agitated, and has decreased co-ordination. To modify the pt's state of arousal, the best activity would be for the pt to: a. attend a musical concert b. exercise to a videotape c. practice progressive relaxation d. listen to enjoyable music 2.An individual- burn - 10 mths ago- wears compression garments-independent with OT home program,OTR should: a. follow up in one yr b. provide on information about how to order replacement garment c. weekly sessions to monitor compliance with home program and garment use d. schedule monthly follow up to monitor scar maturation
  8. can we study together. I have some questions of which answers i don't know.Punu have given some questions here but i am not sure which are the answer. can you tell best answer. The religious one question i am confused with answer.
  9. hi best luck.i think rita and johnson is enough,did u take exam before? i don't know about nbcot guide,actually i would like to know about it.
  10. Hi Shing i am kavita, took otr already. best luck for ur exam.
  11. Hi Punu i am kavita. i have taken OTR 1 mth before. Can you give me your e-mail id. My e-mail is kavitas28@yahoo.com we can discuss questions we got if u r ok.
  12. hi uma nice to know about you, i am also otr. pls get in touch, my yahoo id is kavitas28.
  13. Hi shalu,even i am looking for study partner
  14. Hi good to know about someone who is taking exam.i am also taking exam,my id is kavitas28@yahoo.com
  15. Hi, Even I need study partner.
  16. hi,i am also taking exam in may.
  17. dattatray

    Study Help

    hi, pearlc77 which date you are taking exam.
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