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  1. I think most of the anguish over placement and prestige would be assuaged thusly.
  2. Or maybe economists are often pro market because of: Marginal Revolution: The First Fundamental Theorem of Welfare Economics Not saying the assumptions are always satisfied. Not saying PO allocations are fair. Just saying it's a good theorem.
  3. Did (B). Currently shooting myself in the foot on (A). So far the graduate(PhD) GPA is 3.82. The weather is just too nice to try any harder. Knocking the econometrics series out of the park though. That's the only class I really like. I'm a short-sighted idiot. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get up early to go surfing tomorrow.
  4. Hahahaha. Lengthy responses. How many professors have you emailed in the past? I'm lucky if I coerce one complete sentence from mine.
  5. Easier said than done. Overidentification is a problem we'd all love to have.
  6. 30 seconds after submitting, the questions creep into my head. Did I really make sure to attach my resume? I thought I did. How sure am I?
  7. Congratulations to Paul Krugman. He's a little too politically outspoken for my tastes. But Marginal Revolution linked a paper of his that I've never heard of. The Role of Geography in Development http://www.worldbank.org/html/rad/abcde/krugman.pdf I've fooled around with some rudimentary location theory in my own work. I'm happy to hear that Paul is keeping it alive, and perhaps my own research might one day stand on the shoulders of his.
  8. I have it from a reliable source that some deans aren't pleased with the high percentage of international students at UCLA in recent years. I'd like to see some information on the ratio of international students as it relates to the school's prestige. Right now I'm getting an MA at a state school with a econ program ranked in 40-60 range and the incoming PhD class has very few international students, but there are more foreign born that studied at US universities. And I did Econ-Math. I wrote a senior thesis. I got rejected. Now I'm taking grad classes. I might have to commit a few felonies (won't say what or where) if I get rejected a second time.
  9. Newegg.com - ASUS F8 Series F8Sn-C1 NoteBook Intel Core 2 Duo T9300(2.50GHz) 14.1" Wide XGA+ 3GB Memory 320GB HDD DVD Super Multi NVIDIA GeForce 9500M GS - Laptops / Notebooks Call of Duty 4 and Team Fortress 2 here I come. It's also under six pounds.
  10. I only live once, I think, and I'll be on a beautiful college campus this fall anyways. I'm having fun with it. I'm in no huge rush.
  11. I will probably be going somewhere for a 1 year MA. I might not reapply until Fall '09. I want to finish the degree, get all the grades (I'll shoot for a 4.0 this time around), and guarantee great letters. What a depressing thought. But I know a lot of people around that school, I like the climate, more jiu-jitsu, and I'll be postponing adulthood for almost a full decade from now.
  12. I'm sure we all discussed with our letter writers what schools we were applying to. If I say, "I'm applying to Harvard." And my professor says, "I think you have a decent chance, I'll write you a good letter." That should guarantee he/she will only check the first box. I've seen professors write a couple LoRs and ask others to file it electronically for them. His instruction is to "just choose the best one for any of those questions." Who would promise to write a "good" letter for a student applying to the highest schools and torpedo your chances like that? It's disingenuous in my opinion. They know damn well that can ruin an application.
  13. 08Applicant


    First two reviews were "excellent" in both categories. Final review was "very good" intellectual merit and "good" broader impacts. Thanks for nothing #3.
  14. 08Applicant


    I got Honorable Mention. It's nice to see my name there since HM seems better than a flat out rejection like all of my school applications. But I really wanted that money.
  15. No irony or sarcasm, although you qualified your question by saying English is not your first language. That's appropriate to the issue. UCLA is a public university. It's hard to lobby for tax payer funding with statistics like that. Using native English speakers as TAs is also a lesser concern.
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