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  1. Hi everyone, hello Erin long time ! Hope everyone is doing well and scoring even better in their exams.:) This is one of the best forums Ive ever been on - and now that Im busy with other things I miss it. Best of luck to all exam takers! Take care!
  2. Congratulations! That is a great score! In fact its the first time Im hearing of anyone scoring so well. I would love to know how the admissions process turns out for you. Do keep posting.
  3. Hi everyone! Glad to see the longest thread is still up and running...Wonder what became of the story that was forming? Should look it up...That was fun:)
  4. Best of Luck to everybody !! Go crack it guys and gals!
  5. Best of Luck! Hope to see your success flashing on this site:)
  6. A long time ago there was a cat whose claws were covered in blood from the dog. The dog's owner was a pathetic loser who lived alone in a ramshackle house near a gorgeous castle of chocolate and candy. The cat liked to eat chocolate candies. Feline obesity was a major concern among the neighbors of the castle. The dog liked fat cats since they looked yummy and and fat cats have cute white teeth. That day the cat went for a walk past the dog's owner's house and saw the dog asleep so the cat decided to disturb the dog. The dog reacted by snoring louder and opened its left eye a little bit. The cat was smiling, little knowing what the dog had under its paw....
  7. 2 months are enough- if you can prepare smartly. Read what is necessary /important first... get your basic principles straight. Learn to find MCQs in any text you read. Believe me, this test- whether or not you score amazing scores- will prepare you for your graduate study.
  8. Hey, dont let your scores get you down. Remember, in the end no score can tell anyone what/who you are. You are the best defence you will ever have:). Ok- the above sounds cliched and not very practical perhaps.. but I know personally- that once you apply to universities.. what your SOP and your interests are matter more, than any scores. Concentrate on your next exam and when you apply - be sure to put your heart and soul into your SOP. Once you are noticed by profs.. most dont care about nominally low scores if they see potential and genuine interest in the subject.
  9. Hey, I just saw this post. Sweta- I had a similiar problem last year- I took my test on December 13th I think.. I had to contact the universities I had applied to and personally request that they keep this one score pending as they process the rest of the application. Most people didnt mind!! The last date for turning in the entire application is flexible if you can convince the authorities you have a valid reason. Or better still- you submit the application- and ask them to start processing it in anticipation of your subject GRE scores. Find out the graduate coordinator of the program in the institutions you are interested in and start with emails. Then, if necessary- make a few phone calls. They are quite receptive.. so dont worry. Best of luck for your exams.
  10. Congratulations EEPHDWANNABE! Best of luck with the applications/admissions process!!
  11. I looked up the meaning of SPOILER in the dictionary - just like that- and saw this! SPOILER n. [usenet] 1. A remark which reveals important plot elements from books or movies, thus denying the reader (of the article) the proper suspense when reading the book or watching the movie. 2. Any remark which telegraphs the solution of a problem or puzzle, thus denying the reader the pleasure of working out the correct answer (see also interesting). Either sense readily forms compounds like `total spoiler', `quasi-spoiler' and even `pseudo-spoiler'. By convention, articles which are spoilers in either sense should contain the word `spoiler' in the Subject: line, or guarantee via various tricks that the answer appears only after several screens-full of warning, or conceal the sensitive information via rot13, spoiler space or some combination of these techniques.
  12. It doesnt spoil anything- so SPOILER doesnt suit it..How about FUNNER?;)
  13. Hey all, I came across this url: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/bv.fcgi?call=bv.View..ShowTOC&rid=mboc4.TOC&depth=2 Looks like you can search one of the best books (IMO) for the Mol Bio part online. :tup:
  14. India got its first individual Olympic medal!! http://www.indianolympic.com/
  15. Females seem better able to cope with prematurity! Still wonder how gender can change anything like this.
  16. HI ALL! Good to see the old posters still at it. This thread is quite interesting! Btw, I read an article recently saying that prematurely born males have more problems adjusting with reading , language etc. http://www.futurepundit.com/ See the article posted on August 10th...
  17. Hey, youve posted in the wrong place. You will get more replies in the main forum for GRE prep.. You should aim to give it your best try the first time...you mostly shouldnt need to retake it if your practise scores are in 650 and above range..
  18. I think pretty much all definitions of a word can be tested- its important to know all contexts a word can be used in...
  19. Ive tried number2.com It had a very good verbal preplist and good for revision.. I think it has a limited number of questions in all topics. Once you finish with that- you are pretty well prepared all round. I havent been bothered by them after I stopped visiting .. though I had registered. IMO give it a try. I think 800 score requires you to pay online- not tried that.
  20. What do you guys think of Bush Vs. Kerry? I normally dont care a bit- but this time Im finding myself secretly supporting Bush- not because of his virtues- but because I strongly disapprove of Kerry's tactics. But in the end all politicians are the same- at pulling each other down etc.:) The following article seems well written and has some valid points- http://www.pressaction.com/news/weblog/full_article/beckman07312004/
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