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  1. Hi K-2, jaideep, randhawa, Erin, VasantiKaVeeru, Vipul, and Tim! Thanks for all your congrats and wishes!! I hope all your app resps are at full speed now... Update: Brown - rejected through an e-mail inquiry Wood
  2. Hi all, I did not post my application results officially, mostly because I'm still waiting for some universities to respond. I believe I've been waitlist'd into most of them. Here are the results in chronological order of acceptance/rejection: Berkeley - rejected CMU - rejected Princeton - rejected (already studying again for the GRE at this point) Rutgers - accepted w/ TA Still mainly waiting for: Columbia NYU UCSD Updated on 4/1: Brown - rejected through an e-mail inquiry Since I know people who already got accepted and rejected from the above Us, I'm deducing I'm on their waiting list. I'll probably accept Rutger's offer since I really liked the department and profs when I visited their Open House last friday. Its proximity to my wife's job is also a big plus. I hope we can meet each other during conferences, workshops, and other academic opportunities. Studying with all of you last year was very exciting! Special thanks goes to AlbaLed and Nonevent99 for pushing our GRE CS studies to the limit of perfection. And of course, Erin for this wonderful forum! I'll keep this thread posted. Wood :)
  3. Dionysus, I've applied to NYU and Columbia and haven't heard from them yet. NYU mentioned that they will be sending out letters from March 15 onwards. I don't know about Columbia. Wood
  4. Hi Psyoutlaw, Great to hear from you again. I hope you get accepted into one of your desired programs! Here's my current breakdown so far: http://www.TestMagic.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=10985 . I'm still waiting for a handful of responses... Wood
  5. BTW, my same "source" told me that they usually accept another 10 - 20 international students... Obviously, it depends on every year, but these were his estimates. Wood
  6. Hi Ozgur, I received their offer on March 1st by e-mail. I'm not an expert on any of those things, but an insider (a brazilian doctorate student at Rutgers) told me that they've selected 26 U.S. resident applicants and invited them all to their open house on March 26th. He also mentioned that the international applicants list wasn't posted yet. Since I'm leaving in US and have a green card, they've classified me as an U.S. resident instead of an international applicant, even though my studies were outside U.S. I believe they might give some kind of precedence over applicants that are already here. I'm not sure why. So, keep your hopes up and you might hear from them soon! Did you hear from anybody else? Wood
  7. Hummm, very interesting. I've received one offer so far (Rutgers w/ TA) and three rejections (UCB, Princeton, and CMU). I'm still waiting for a handfull of other Us to reply (chiefly UPenn, Columbia, Brown) and I think I won't hear from them until after April 15th based on our assumptions here. That's a little (not to say extremely) frustrating. The most interesting part was: "... Obviously, if a student decides, for any reason, that he or she does not wish to attend your institution, there is not much point in insisting on it (funny!). But the language of the Resolution makes it clear that changes after April 15 constitute reneging on a commitment and are not to be taken lightly by any of the concerned parties. ..." What does the last part mean? Will the U do something in their power to us later in our academic life? Will they curse you in written? :) I doubt it... Wood
  8. VasantiKaVeeru, I know it is just a conjecture as you pointed out, but even though, it looks very eerie. It means that if we accept a safety school offer, we might loose the chance to get into a top school for which we were "waitlisted", right? Wood
  9. Rafi, FYI: I've applied to UCSD and Columbia as well and haven't heard from them yet. I'm not sure what it means... ... and I live in NJ and should receive snail mail in approximately two days from their mailing date.... Wood
  10. Hey AlbaLad! Glad to hear from you. As I mentioned to you by e-mail, not hearing anything at this point might not be a totally bad sign, since they've already sent out some acceptance/rejection letters... and that could mean you might be on their waiting list or something. As you said, keep the faith alive and good luck!! Wood
  11. Hey Nonevent!! Great news!! [banana][bounce]Congratulations!![banana][bounce] All of us here are very glad at your success. You've helped all of us here at TM with comprehensive and challenging "drillers" as well as insightfull responses to intricate problems. I hope you'll get overwhelmed with all the upcoming Open Houses ... You deserve it. Cheers, Wood
  12. Congrats Johnny... What are your stats and experience? I'm also waiting for Brown... but for CS PhD. Are you invited to any Open House at Brown? Wood
  13. Congrats dude!! Columbia is a really nice university. And if you like NYC, that's the place to be! I'm still waiting for their answer for CS Ph.D...... Wood
  14. wood


    Hey MS!!! Congratulations! [bounce] You certainly worked for it! You deserve it! Good luck on the rest of your apps if you've applied to other Us as well! Wood
  15. Hey VasantiKaVeeru!! Good job dude... UCLA and Caltech are similarly great schools. I'd choose Caltech if I had the dilema, but go with the one that most matches your interest. Remember, you'll stay there for the next 4 to 5 years! :) Good luck with your info sessions and visits! Wood
  16. Hey dude!! Congrats man...!! Good luck at Stanford. It is an awesome school! Best wishes, Wood
  17. Not really... No plans. I'm waiting for the answer from universities. If I do really badly, I will have to take it again.
  18. The bridge I came up with is: An EXPLOSION is the purpose of a BOMB. A MIRTH is the purpose of a JOKE. Always try to find bridges that are stronger, that do not contain words like: "has a chance of", "can be", etc... A DISASTER is not a purpose of an EARTHQUAKE ! Wood
  19. Thanks... I've done poorly on the V section last year (510). I just want to keep refreshing my vocab once and a while so I can do better next time (if I need to).
  20. I think the bridge is stronger with snowfield / avalanche. One kind of leads to another if disturbed. In case of fever and disease, there's no strong link. Fever not necessarily is a sign of a big disease. As you said, it can be, but not necessarily.
  21. I'm not sure, but I looked at DELUGE and it means something like flood, drenching rain that usually comes out after CLOUDs get agitated, disturbed, or excited. So, the only one that is close is (E) -- AVALANCHE happens when a snowfield gets agitated or disturbed, or something similar. I'm sure somebody else would have a better explanation than mine....
  22. Hey Vinay...! I never congratulated you man!!! Good job! You certainly deserved it. Have you received any answers from the universities you've applied?? Have a good one... Wood
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