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  1. laura

    F1 denied !

    Elisa, If I remember correctly you are from Romania, just like me. I have my interview on the 23rd. Part of my money (the part not covered by my TA) comes from a student loan that my american boyfriend co-signed so I fear my visa will be rejected on similar grounds as yours. However, if it wasn't for this, I think the other proofs I have would really be enough to show my strong ties to Romania: all my family is here, I have my own apartment, I have a good job that although I'll have to quit should be enough to show my ability to get by well here. What kind of questions did they ask in the interview? Thanks.
  2. Hello everyone, I just got my TSE score yesterday. I got 55. A 60 would have been great of course, but I am fairly happy with this score as well. Laura
  3. laura

    May Result

    Hello, Sorry to hear about your result. You received it pretty fast. Where do you live? Laura
  4. Hi MS, Congratulations! When did you send your application to USC? Laura
  5. Congratulations to both of you! I see more and more people are starting to post in this forum....
  6. Congratulations! Which department did you apply to?
  7. I am doing well indeed...or maybe not so much now that I'm back at work after a week's vacation...and a great vacation it was :) Have a nice week!
  8. Congratulations Sundar! You must indeed feel pretty relieved now that you got into one of the programs you applied to. I'm sure you'll get financial aid too, as well as positive admission decisions from schools which sound more tempting to you. Best of luck! Laura
  9. How do they know exactly what you studied at university? Afterall, my Academic Record only says Math, without giving any explanation on the actual content of the respective course. Did you give them details about the content of the main classes you took as an undergrad? Indeed, I think most of the required math background is acquired during high school years in Romania. Of course, after almost 6 years, I don't remember that much of it. I'm sure I'll be able to catch up though. I just hope this won't make them reject my application.
  10. Hi Nicole, As you know, in Romania we can't really choose the classes we want to take. Therefore, as it is I think standard for Economics & Business schools in Romania, I took one year of math and another year of statistics. Did you take more classes than this? I hope this won't ruin my chances at getting in and that my GRE quant score will also help. I'm more and more worried about my chances of getting in, especially since I only applied to 4 schools. I hope I'll get some answer in March. Good luck with the other schools you applied to. Which one would be your first pick? Laura
  11. Congratulations Nicole! You must be feeling very relieved indeed. Hi Sundar, I also hope other Romanians will get some positive decision soon ;)
  12. 1. Before Bill Clinton became President of the United States, he had already been governor of the state of Arkansas. 2.Aluminum, bautixe, sugar and bananas account for over half of all Jamaican exports.
  13. Congratulations!!! When did you send your application?
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