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  1. Dear All, Any body preparing for Texas MPJE ? Lets get together for the preparation .. Anyone interested please post your reply. Thank you and good luck..
  2. How long do we need to wait to get approval for the MPJE in TEXAS?? Do u need to pass these exams to apply for extended pharmacy license .. Thank you,
  3. fpgec2005

    Texas Mpje

    Dear All, Has anyone recent appeared MPJE for Texas board and is willing to sell his/her material. please let me know and suggestion on how to prepare for it. Greatly appreciated your help. Thank you..
  4. Dear all, Any one interested in selling texas state law book ? Or any materials for law exam. Thanks
  5. fpgec2005

    Tx Mpje

    Dear All, I am seeking on help for texas law exam. Any suggestion for the exam??
  6. Hello Everyone, Thank you all for your support for naplex preparation. With the help of you all I was able to pass naplex without any intern experience. I just studied APHA throughly (3 times), Kaplan notebook and did A and L questions. Be through with these three boks you will :grad: do good. God Bless you all.:tup: FPGEC
  7. Hello, Also ,TN will allow to write naplex and MPJE without intern hrs. Good luck.
  8. Hello Everyone, Thank you for your information regarding PR. What if we have Masters degree from US ? Do we still fall under EB3 ? I thought with Masters and salary we fall under EB2. Does anyone have an idea regarding this ? Thank you all.
  9. Hello Everyone, What are the cds available for practice test apart from A and L ? How good are Mannon Shroff CDS for practice test ? Which source would be good for practicing questions for naplex ? Thank you, FPGEC:whistle:
  10. Hi, When are you writing your exam? I am preparing for the mid of july. Thank you, Sabnam -
  11. Hello All, Is anyone preparing for naplex (JULY). Are you willing to discuss what we have learn ? Lets put our head together. Thanks :tup:
  12. Dear All, I would like to know if anyone has worked in a Walmart Pharamcy. How is the working environment over there ? I hear they have a good computer system. Anyone who has worked in the walmart pharmacy can you please share your experience. Thank you, :grad:
  13. Hello All, I heard walmart got 3 appoval till now.. I am still waiting for it. Thank you :(
  14. Dear All, Hope everyone is busy with their own schedule and work. As for me I am planing on writing my Naplex by the end of May or early June. Is there anyone who is planing for writing naplex at the same time? Please let me know.. Thank you.:p
  15. Hi Jk, I think the three months deadline is to get your inter license. You can write you exam anytime after that. Thank you.
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