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  1. hey Sweta ! Congratzz !!!! This really shows yur perseverance to succeed ! u deserve a loud applause ! itz been a long time i've been to this forum... great to see tht u've scored really well !! wht schools r u apping for ? keep continuing yur gud work in helping ppl out here...
  2. Hi ! u definitely need to retake the GRE if u r aiming yur shot at the top 50 schools. yur awa also need some improvement ! plan yur days n give yur GRE accordingly ... u hav an impressive GPA !!
  3. Congratulations on the awesome score !!
  4. hey ice... am sorry dude....for a month or so, I dint check this site, so cudnt send u the recos. moreover, I am in a different city now n my pc isnt with me. so, I suggest tht u get the recos I sent frm dudley if u r still waiting(i guess not...)
  5. hey ice... if uve meant georgia tech by GA Tech, then chances r pretty tough with yur score. ill try to send the recos to u soon.. hope n all the best !
  6. chances tough at vtech n uncc try nmsu, university of southern illinois carbondale, texas tech cheerz !
  7. hey abhinav ! this is not to disparage you. the fact is tht, iit chicago has lost itz reputation completely. the quality of education has come down with its funding oppurtunities. aid is almost nil there. and I dont think itz anywhere near to b called as a "great admit !" . wht r yur scores n wht other schools hav u apped to ? scrap off iitchicago if u get any other good admit ! all the best !
  8. hey...congratz on the score !! great to c tht u've aced the quants section...Wish u all the best for yur apps !!! do any of yur seniors in US now doin their masters or doctorates ??!! wht schools hav u apped to ?!
  9. shud b perfect....b consistent ! if u r working, u wont hav time in a day, so u could learn 1 or 2 wordlists/day. but, if u r a student, 15 dayz would so for the entire 50 lists(for a thorough prep). quantz need enuf prep...ppl fail in making their 720s and 740s into a flat 800 !! so, if u practice well consistently with diff prep materials, am sure u can ace the section. as far as awa is concerned, a week would b enuf. but, as mentioned in the previous posts, this time span would differ frm person to person. but preparing for 3 months with a couple of hrs daily would fetch u good results !! All the best !
  10. USB is certainly better than UTA....unless u end up with these two alone, do not jump into decisions. wht other schools hav u apped to ? cheerz !!
  11. Congratulations ...for the score n for the admit probabilities !!!!!!!!
  12. Congratz dude ! thtz really a fantastic score ! hope u get into yur dream school...deserve it !!!!
  13. hey mayank ! they arent in the ivy league, but still, the best....infact I would prefer my masters in cs at cmu,stanford,mit than any ivy-league school .... Cheerz !!
  14. gosh...is tht so ??!! can u temme whoz tht guy or the post here? and in which department ??!! am not very sure whether all depts let out their admits at the same time ??!! but, letz wait.... 'hope' :) !!
  15. Congratulations !! thtz a very good score with less prep ... !!!!
  16. am still waiting for UCI..... !!!!! why...has anyone got an admit/reject frm thm ?
  17. as alwayz, start off with barron's prep guide for toefl....
  18. the first thing u need to do now is to cancel the test and take it when u r prepared. therez jus no point in wasting hundreds of dollars for nothing !!!!
  19. Awesome admits !!! Congratulations !!!!! btw, which field r u in ?! and wht r u stats ?!! congratz again !!
  20. hey sweta ! u should b knowing them all....gre isnt the primer here, it depends a lot on other factors mentioned above. but, not to eliminate the importance of gre, itz still the key. for top 50 schools, itz safer to have a score above 1300/1600 with a 5/6 awa (for CS esp). but, this is not the case always ! students with low scores like 1100 get into usc, mit, uiuc, etc. jus bcoz they hav a sound background with their sops, research exp, buttressing them. hey...hav u decided on giving it a shot again ??!! Cheerz !
  21. hey Carly !! Congratzzzz .... u really deserve them ! which school have u decided among the lot ??!! ne waz, celebrate the success around ! mayb an online treat to all TMians would do ;) !!! Cheerz :) !
  22. hey there ! Congratulations ! Very good score....keep it up dude !!!!!! I feel it should b an easy sail beyond 262. All the best !
  23. hey xspecial !! Congratulations on the wonderful score !! and good tips for all...special ones really !! Cheerz !
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