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  1. Yes that would be a good decision, since PhD in Econ adcoms are increasingly preferring econmath backgrounds over just econ,, however you would need to ensure to make a decent GPA in your math master program which isn´t as easy provided you will be taking grad math courses which are rigorous, though is possible.
  2. i got into Texas A&M Phd in Economics (USNEWS RANK=44) and UIUC (USNEWS RANK=28) MSc in Policy Economics. UIUC told me they can consider me for admission into their PhD in Economics if i take some phd in econ courses this FALL 2008 and i do well on them... of course it would be great if i do well in the courses since i could enter UIUC´s phd in econ, but if i don´t do well then they will leave me in their MSc in Policy Economics. I know that other option would be for me just to complete UIUC´s master in economics and apply again to other phd in economics programs, but this will take longer and i don´t want to be too old when i start the phd in economics too. "ON THE ONE HAND, I FEEL I NEED MORE QUANT BACKGROUND, BUT ON THE OTHER HAND, ME AND OTHER PEOPLE DON´T LIKE THE IDEA OF DOING ANOTHER MASTER PROGRAM GIVEN I ALREADY HAVE ONE (THE MBA)". I studied the idea of entering an MPP (i actually got into The University of Chicago´s MPP, however i applied initially for their PhD in PP but they didn´t take me for their PhD in PP) or Master in Finance, but these are more like terminal masters, i.e. professional programs geared more towards entering the labor market after completing them (and i don´t think this is what i want). I have a BA in Economics and an MBA both degrees from Mexico. Age = 34 GRE QUANT= 750 GRE ANALYTICAL = 4.0 GRE VERBAL = 390 (I know it´s low but most schools would take a good TOEFL score as a substitute for this score). TOEFL = my current TOEFL score is outdated,i´d need to take it again in case i want to apply later,but don´t think english will be a problem. MATH = recently took single and multivariable calculus, and audited real analysis and linear algebra. Have not taken differential equations. STATS = think i need more probability/statistics background. MICRO/MACRO = have not taken graduate micro/macro courses. "PREFERENCES" = 1) would like to enter a topten USA program. 2) would like to specialize in Econometrics and Monetary Economics, or Mathematical Economics (although i´m aware Mathematical Economics requires a lot of math background which i may not have) within the PhD in Econ. 3) after earning a PhD in Econ would like to work as a researcher in a top university in usa (and teach some classes perhaps in econometrics and related courses),consulting firms, intl organizations, work as an economic advisor for gvts and firms. Can you please provide me with your honest feedback on what would you recommend me to do (options you see for my particular case), so that i can reach as much as possible my PREFERENCES?? thank you !!!
  3. Hi please evaluate this Master Program and please provide your opinions
  4. hi there ! , i´d appreciate your objective opinion about this Master Program at ITAM México: Departamento Académico de Economía - ITAM (i.e. is this a good program to help someone, who does very well at it, to gain admission to top PhD in Economics Programs in the USA ? ? ). I applied to LSE´s MSc. in Econometrics & Mathematical Economics but was not accepted, i do want to specialize in the PhD in Economics in the USA in Econometrics (Theory and Applied). Do you think this Master Program at ITAM will do a good job in preparing me to succeed on this ? ? One of the things i liked about this ITAM Master Program is that is that it has subjects like Analysis 1 and 2, Measure Theory (Analysis 3), Econometrics and Advanced Econometrics, Micro and Macroeconomics (at PhD-Level) and other optional courses in micro, macro and econometrics (microeconometrics and macroeconometrics). Also i took the GRE and got 380V,750Q and 4.0A, do you think it is better in my case to re-take the "General GRE (this same one)", or if it would it be better to not re-take the General GRE but prepare to take and try to get the highest scores in the "Math GRE" ? ? i studied the bachelor in economics in a very good school in Mexico, and i´m currently taking Analysis 1 and Linear Algebra (Friedberg book-proofs oriented), given that i´m not a mathematics bachelor, do you think i can succeed at the Math GRE (i.e. get very good scores) if i take it say "on November/December 2007" since i believe there are several math areas evaluated on this test ? ? that´s what i have for now, please let me know your objective opinions about all of my above questions asap , Thank You ALL ! !
  5. Now this is not true for other grad programs (aside from Economics) who do welcome people at a wider age range, just surf the webpages of the Top 50 USA programs and you'll find out that the average age of the accepted PhD students is very young. Although some Econ Top 50 programs do accept people in their early thirties, they will not provide any financial help in most cases (RA's TA's). So I would suggest you take seriously the other options you mentioned about grad Math and Stats programs. All programs have phrases like no sex no race no age discrimination, unfortunately it's evident that Econ PhD programs do exercise age discrimination.
  6. You said, My story starts with a BA in Economics earned in the late 80s from a state LAC. I don't know what your age is dude, and don't want to disapoint you, but that's a factor Adcoms do assign considerable weight to nowadays, but your background is strong though, I don't think your teaching experience will help much unless is at the grad level in a respectable university, therefore it looks you'd have realistic chances of being considered in programs from Top 40 to Top 80. Competition is extremely intensive and unfurtunately age can not be reversed as different from GRE scores, math courses, etc. Adcoms tend to think that older people are slower in the learning process in a PhD program and will have less time to develop as a successful researcher than young ones.
  7. I would like to kick their asses, you are not the only one who is tired of all this sh.. depends in your age, i guess, if you can have say 2 years off trying the private sector and have good opportunities and professional connections may be would be better to go into the private sector and may be get into a """ part-time technical Master in Finance reputed program """ (there are several just surf this link: ( http://www.global-derivatives.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=55 ) while working in consulting or as a trader, investment banking etc,,, alternatively you could take the program full-time and end it in less time,,, it will all depend on your job arrangements at that point of time... please let me know what programs you did find interesting ... cheers !
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