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  1. I've just noticed this (Sototo) via another correspondence -- I have had problems with my Gmail account for approximately 8 weeks, with many subscribers' accounts and speaking/writing submissions not arriving in my inbox. Please rest assured I am doing my absolute best to solve the situation, and in all cases where students have paid fees and not received any confirmation or service, there will of course be a complete refund of the payment. Sincerest apologies for this mix up, - Jason
  2. Great work, Clementine - a well-deserved result from somebody willing to stay positive and work hard! I'm very happy for you and I wish you all the best for a successful future, - Jason
  3. Your account is already up and you have access to it - so in answer to your main question: it takes less time to set and access than it does to reply to a question on a forum! :-) Thanks, and I'm really happy to have you in my mentor program. But please do refrain from using the Test Magic forums for correspondence of this nature - you now have my email address. :-)
  4. Hi April, Yes - the 'negative' prompt is another of the slightly different topic formats being used for Question 1 in the speaking section. I have incorporated two additional speaking topics of this nature into my TOEFL Speaking Mentor test system. Given that they are only technically available to subscribed members, I can't post the topics or my own sample answers here. However, you (and any others) are welcome to listen to the sample answers some of my students have been posting and see the scores they were allocated. These could give you some useful examples of strong responses to this 'negative' style prompt for Question 1. The sample answer threads are below (please note you can't record your answers there if you aren't a member, but as I said, you're welcome to listen and learn from the answers already posted): TOEFL Speaking Test 3 QUESTION 1 TOEFL Speaking Test 5 QUESTION 1 Hope that gives you some additional tips and ideas! All the best, - Jason
  5. Wow, skauskas, Keesja, Vazgen - those are excellent results! Congratulations on your fine performances. - Jason
  6. Um - no. This video was made by me today and uploaded to YouTube today. The template is the same as previous I have uploaded, but the question, sample answer and script are altogether new and reflect the new style of question being featured on some versions of the TOEFL speaking section. :-)
  7. "Give advice to a friend..." Remember that confusing new style of prompt for question 1 in the TOEFL speaking section? Well, the example question, audio response and full script attached below will hopefully give you some ideas on how to handle this! :-) Hope it's helpful. All the best in your TOEFL preparation, - Jason Renshaw
  8. With such a limited word count, and despite the fact you feel you have a five paragraph essay with good use of language, your score will probably suffer from not having explained and supported your key ideas sufficiently. In particular, you may have been lacking specific, convincing examples to support your main points. With a limited amount of writing, it is difficult to score above the 3.0 - 3.5 range (even if the language and organization are impressive). Just an opinion :-) - Jason
  9. Thanks for the endorsement (again!) Knok - really appreciated. :-)
  10. This process of extra passages and listening lectures helps to keep ETS tests reliable overall, but makes the experience less valid/reliable for the poor students chosen at random to take these extra tasks. You can't tell me it doesn't make a difference to performance: someone who had to take extra reading and listening tasks is inevitably going to be more tired when it comes to the speaking and writing sections. It is completely unfair in my opinion. ETS should trial new items with focus groups and paid or volunteer students - not smack in the middle of an actual test where a couple of points can make a huge difference to someone's results overall. - Jason
  11. Well done toeflpbt - it's great to hear another determined hard-worker has made it through the iBT barrier. Congratulations and all the best to you for the next challenge in your life! - Jason
  12. Hi there, The free video below contains a sample of question 2 from the TOEFL speaking section, along with an example answer, script and some quick tips on preparation, organization and content. Enjoy! [video=youtube;jST-1QkhMYo] I regularly post free tutorials of this nature (for both speaking and writing) on my TOEFL iBTv page. Hope it helps! All the best, - Jason
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