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  1. Hello, Do you guys know anything about UC Davis Integrated Studies Honors Program (ISHP) and about their Davis Honors Challange (DHC) program? Which is better? The ISHP's porgram looks a bit better in terms of courses, while the DHS has a lot of weird course descriptions that always include the names of pop stars...ha sanyone been in any of these programs? Or is any one them any good? Is it worth it? I mean ins't it just better to take whatever courses you like? Any word will be apprecaited! Thank you, adam_smith
  2. Hi Mike21, I am going to NYU MA in Econ. Only I can't be very helpful on their date of announcements as I applied through Fulbright. They told me I was accepted in the middle of March.
  3. It is sad that I got into all masters I could possibly want, i.e. UPF, NYU and Carlso III and still don't know what to do. And I am sad because of that.
  4. Ecocentric, look what I fund about financial courses at NYU Financial Economics Field Page If that is up to date, one can take 3 financial courses in Econ department and then 2 in Stern or 2 Maths, or a combination:). I am waiting on them to reply if those courses are actually offered since we didn't find them on the course listing. One more thing, the prof who gives Financial Economics I is Alberto Bisin, he also teaches in Pompeu Fabra (my other choice) and in Bocconi (or at least he used to).
  5. Econocentric, May I ask which exactly Finance MA or PhD courses do you see given by NYU Economics department? I see only one called Financial Economics, the rest are interesting economic theory/app courses but far from finance....I see a lot of courses that are part of Stern's PhD in finance that I'd like to take, as well as Stochastic Calculus and Real Analysis from the math department (Courant Institute I think it's called). I read the web site 10 times but seems like to only way to make NYU similar to UPF in terms of program (e.g. with regard to teh 5 elective courses) is to do 3 courses at Stern and 2 at Courant...What do you think? Am I mistaken? Yeah, I wonder exactly the same with respect to the 8 credit restriction, I wrote them an e-mail and will post when they reply.... As for the real world....well, there are also lot's of bomb threats in NYC:)) Should that be a factor? :) I will need a job in Europe, by the way, because I will have a visa restriction where the 2 year rule applies, i.e. I will have to leave US for 2 years some time after the program (unless i go for PhD or..I don't know what happens if I get married:))
  6. Thank you, that is helpful. But I am not sure I want a PhD anyhow, I am mostly interested in master for a better job for now. Did anyone on this forum actually went to NYU for masters? I wonder if you can do whatever you want with the 5 elective courses, e.g. a little financial specialization, or a mix of finance and math courses, or you have serious restrictions as for only 2 courses outside of teh department only. I also wonder if it i stru ethat most master courses are taught by PhD students, and not by faculty....I was looking on the site, but still....does it make sense to have a MA in Economics from NYU for a job in teh real world?
  7. I still wonder, provided that I can fill up the 5 elective courses in NYU with finance, are those degrees comparable--UPF MSc Finance, Carlos III Master in Business and Quantitative Methods and NYU MA Economics? Is NYU MA really that good? In terms of quality of education. Is it better than the other two? Is anyone else going to NYU? I read that out of the 5 elective courses, one can take up to 8 credits outside of NYU Econ department, I suppose that means 2 courses in Stern and 3 in NYU Econ...That's only 5 electives, on the other side, UPF's MSc in Finance also has only 5 elective courses, and the whole program is 9 courses, so that's pretty much like NYU. It seems that I can learn more in C3 Master in Business and Quantitative Methods because it is 2 years, so two times more finance and statistics (or math). Just that it is not that well known....What do you think?
  8. faulkner, Carlos III were very quick, they accepted me on January 16, about 2 weeks after I applied as far as I remember. I was astonished in fact. As for the Autonoma vs UPF -- they have common faculty, no? I'd go to UPF - is better known, and I think they often have common faculty...if I am not mistaken.
  9. God, I don't know. I guess I'll go to NYU, after all that was what I wanted initially....It was fun doing the apps and everything but now I am really not happy coz I don't want to reject any of those. I don't even have a financial issue anymore--both UPF and Carlos III are with tuition waivers and TAs, only UPF wants me to pay 50% of tuition but that's ok, and the NYU MA is with full fulbright scholarship of which I have to cover the cost of living for the third semester only. They even pay the flight. ha ha. I was hoping it will solve itself--like not enough fulbright funding, rejection from UPF and I just pack for Madrid and visit Barca for the breaks. :)
  10. yeah, I wanted to write earlier but wasn't sure what to tell you. Most ppl on this forum will rank Tinbergen firts, and I personally put UPF next. I donno about the others. And among these I would go to UPF because I love spanish language and spanish climate more than Amsterdam. But of course, I am not you. :)
  11. faulkner--yes, full waiver + TA (that's for the Master in Business and Quantitative Methods, 2 year). Also for UPF's master in Finance and for NYU MA Econ. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I have to reply to UPF by tom. Where r u going? gs25: may be we should all go to Barcelona :)) Well, try for funding then at C3, are you applying for economics? But UPF is good enough...;) This forum gets out of control:)))
  12. thank you, molejo. The only problem with NYU MA Eco is that it is funded by Fulbright and I am supposed to leave after the program. I suppose that means I can't start with high enpough salary to compensate for teh effort...and I will have to pay teh third semester somehow...i hope top resolve that by teh end of teh day. It is very nice to hear some advice coz I am freaking ouuuuut:)))
  13. molejo, I intend to work. Let's say finance. Asset pricing for example. Although I am open to other work. You guys think nothing of NYU MA Economics? I am very excited about it, but now that I am in, I feel like Carlos III or UPF would be very nice too. gs25, it seems those two universities are comparable, UPF more well known around teh world. But they may as well be at the same quality. Do they both give you money?
  14. I got into NYU MA in Economics with Fulbright. In my country they grant is $30,000. But I also got into UPF and Carlos III and I am in a serious dilemma especially with this 2 year rule. I am also not sure NYU MA Economics is better thatn UPF MSc Finance or Carlos III Matser in Business and Quantitative Methods....Any thoughts?
  15. Here is another help shout--now that I really got into NYU I have to repeat this question--which is better out of UPF MSc Finance, NYU MA Economics, Carlos III Master in Business and Quantitative Methods? I am not sure if I am up for a PhD but the Carlos III program is Master + PhD (2+3 years) and its funded. UPF is almost funded (with a 50% tuition and a TA) and NYU is funded with Fulbright. The bad thing is the Fulbright visa restriction. In any case, which program is the best of those? Could anyone rank them? Also, does anyone know a way to get around the visa restriction with a job for example? I am really confused and I really have to decide. And it's hard. Anyone having similar choices? Thanks:))
  16. I am also in at NYU for MA in Eco. And I am wondering between this, Carlos III Master in Business and Quantitative Methods, and UPF's MS in Finance...anyone else with similar concerns?
  17. EconMsGiggle--ha ha--w-t-f? how come first in, then out?
  18. This letter is very serious and thus presents you as a very serious applicant and it's positive. But it sounds a bit dry to me. Did you just deleted the names of your thesis and other works? Plugging just names is not specific enough, you need to say what precisely is so cool about your thesis. Then, there is also subjective side--"without reservation" is not as strong as "i highly recommend" or "strongly recommend" according to me. But on the other hand, if the prof knows you only from one course even if he says something stronger it may sound unauthoritative to an experienced rec reader. According to other people it may be ok. In any case you should not feel down--there are so many other factors, randomness inclusive! It's part of life/experience, right?
  19. You can make $7,000 - 10,000 for 2-3 months waiting tables (New Jersey, Cape Cod, Maine, Virginia...may be even California;). Which would not be impressive on you CV, but can pay bills. Gourmet Menu Field Study;)
  20. I agree--they should be clearer. That's why I am skeptical in general about European state-style school (and I am from Europe). I just don't think I can deal psychically with all their bureaucracy and paper verbosity. For instance, I imagine course registration in a different European university each time would mean walking around offices for weeks. Correct me if I am wrong.
  21. Tim1012, I just got an e-mail--I got into this one too. But the financial part seems a little puzzling. So it's about EUR 4,000 for the first year, and I suppose the same for the second? I don't even know for the second. In any case, as I read in the instructions I could qualify for some scholarship, for that reason I had to send an e-mail once I submitted the application explaining why I may need fin assistance. Well, I never got reply of that e-mail. So I donno how good is the program, the courses look tough enough, but then the whole program sound like a money machine or program where intellectually curious children go to. It looks like a luxurious good to me. I wonder of there is smb who actually has gone there from TM...
  22. I don't know as much as you guys, but I remembered that my professor from undergrad who did his PhD in Finance in Harvard told me that many of his colleagues there were coming from UPF. Now I don't know now with these MS and absent MRes...
  23. I am between undergrad and master. so I spent the summer before senior year working my *** off (which for me means like 100-105 hours per week), then on the 5th day after my graduation ceremony last May I started internship for a bank+GRE practice. Then I went abroad in a non-conventional liberal arts program to read stuff and rest, but I don't rest exactly. So THIS SUMMER, before the master, I am going to: 1) Chill with my mom in Sofia drinking wine, reading good books, and meeting people. 2) Chill in the village of my grandmother gathering plums for brandy and grilling pork stakes in the yard. 3) Go to the beach in my country (finally) and camp or walk along Ropotamo mouth at Black sea or smth like that. I hope I'll remember that by May and not apply to some job or else. The truth is that in my humble opinion one needs a 2 month break after college. My humble opinion. PS: I can go over some math though.
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