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  1. Wow - I really share in the excitement with you! The long hours and hard work that you put in are inspirational to me and should be to everyone. I couldn't not be happier for you. Excellent jobs! :tup:
  2. Apparently the GMAT is just one part of an application and Adcom evaluates the application as a whole. I think you should pay close attention to the requirements of the program you are interested in. I have been lucky enough to be accepted to a number of prestigious programs, so I would say that you won't have any problem with a 700. It will be just fine. Best,
  3. Below is a report that, published by GMAC, breaks down scores and volumes by regional data. I got it from the other forum, and want to share it with you guys. Just in case you are interested. Best of luck with your GMAT endeavor! http://www.www.urch.com/forums/gmat/113317-gmat-scores-demographic.html
  4. Below is a report that, published by GMAC, breaks down scores and volumes by regional data. Just in case you are interested. Best of luck with your GMAT endeavor! http://www.gmac.com/NR/rdonlyres/F3B73942-8A93-4FC2-BB8D-1E8735158B80/0/ProfileofGMATCandidates0408.pdf
  5. I am too surprised with your score, and really believe that you deserve much better. It was probably your bad day. Just take an enough rest, re-analyze yourself and challenge it again. I am sure your hard work will definitely pay off in the end. Regarding your inquiry, first of all, I am so sorry for my very late response. Discussing with my clients around the country, I was on the road all the time last month. I didn't study much about TOEFL, perhaps just one week and mainly focusing on Speaking and Listening. I would recommend BARRON's material, along with its 6-7 CAT tests. Good luck!
  6. Basically the G/Prep is the best predictor. If that was really your first time, it was supposed to show your GMAT performance. I guess it was your bad day actually. Perhaps you got too nervous, and partly because of the deadline approaching. Thus, I would say give it another shot. If it still shows you no love, wait for next year. In that case, you will have a plenty of time to strengthen your essays, resulting in a much stronger candidacy. Good luck!
  7. Manhattan Quan is sort of tough. I am surprised with your actual score if you have actually mastered those sets of knowledge. I would say in general for non-native test takers Quan is a good bet, but it depends on your background as well. And signing up a private tutor won't hurt at all. Good luck!
  8. I guess you have posted in the wrong place, but I would say the GMAT is just a part of your application. You should pay attention to the requirements of the program and understand that they evaluate the application as a whole.
  9. Thanks krovvidy for your PM. Assuming you are in San Francisco, I hope I will have a chance to see you when I visit Palo Alto for an orientation in May! : )
  10. Wow, congrats on your superb score! I am totally thrilled, and I have no doubt that you are on the track to top programs. Good luck !
  11. Thanks so much effective and krovvidy (actually you were the first to give me a PM : )). You were so kind. Please also accept my best wishes for your professional success. Yes, I think being accepted to Stanford is really great. Even though I still have a number of interviews to go, including those with the Wharton MBA program, I think I would take this offer! Today, I just got my Stanford Sloan program "Welcome" binder! It's so cool. So, let's see you in California. ; ) All the best,
  12. Just got ADMITTED to Stanford Sloan Program! What an awesome feeling! Can't stop smiling! Best,
  13. Congratulations on ISB! I remember it is your first choice. I'm more than happy and proud of you! What a great school! I wish you the great success in the future as well. Cheers and Beer,
  14. Hey, no need to be discouraged; your improvement in the Quan was substantial! Let's give a reward to yourself. [clap] Next time, it's very clear that you have to maximize the Verbal, while maintaining the Quan. You should approach it systematically by analyzing accuracy rate of each area (SC, CR, RD.) Please check out below in case you never read them. http://www.www.urch.com/forums/just-finished-my-gmat/10134-760-q49-v46.html http://www.www.urch.com/forums/just-finished-my-gmat/81626-720-q50-v38-awa-5-5-here-best-advice-i-can-give-you.html Since you still have a big room to improve (which is highly positive), I would recommend you to go back to basics. Many excellent books, such as MGMAT SC and CR Bible, will definitely help you to improve an understanding of the GMAT grammar and reasoning knowledge. Then, practice a set of questions daily. For example, SC x 30 questions, CR x 25 questions, RD x 4 passages. Allot at least as much time to review as to solve questions. Good luck!
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