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  1. I have decided to post my GRE chemistry experience here so that anyone who interested in taking the GRE chemistry subject exam can read it. I took the GRE chemistry test this past April and I just got my scores back from ETS. The test consisted of 130 chemistry questions which had to be completed in 170 minutes. I manage to score a 860, which was good enough to rank me in the 91 percentile. It took me a little under a month to prepare for this exam. The following is a list of the materials I used for my preparation REA GRE CHEMISTRY Five Full Length Exams- This is a great book. It offers five 150 questions exams and provides detailed explanations to every exam question after each exam. I used this book during the later phase of my preparation after I had thoroughly reviewed all the subject areas that are covered in the GRE. PRINCETON REVIEW Cracking the GRE Chemistry- This is an okay review. It provides a general summary of all the topics that are tested by in the GRE chemistry exam. However, it does not go into details, so it is not useful if you are learning the topic for the first time. I used it as mostly a refresher. One bad thing about this book is that it is full of errors. I advise anyone who is using this book to be cautious about some of the content included in it. I recommend reading this book along with a text book to make sure that whatever is stated in the book is actually correct. The book offers one full length practice test. Some useful Websites The Official GRE Chemistry Sample Test- I took this test before and after my prep to see how much I had approved. ETS-Major Field Test in Chemistry- 35 GRE Chemistry problems. Formula Sheets MCAT Prep 101 Chemistry Equation Sheet- MCAT Prep 101 Organic Chemistry- Although these formula sheets are tailored for the MCAt, they provide a lot of useful information. Physical Chemistry Crib sheet- a very useful guide. Powerpoint notes on Rate Kinetics Part 1- Powerpoint notes on Rate Kinetics Part 2- a good summary on the concepts involving rate kinetics Inorganic Chemistry Transition Metal Review They are probably more useful websites online, but these were the ones I used. TextBooks Organic Chemistry - Solomon and Fryhle 8th edition General Chemistry - McMurry and Fay 4th edition Physical Chemistry- Never took physical chemistry in college just relied on the Princeton Review and all the notes I found online Inorganic Chemistry- Miessler and Tarr 3th edition Analytical Chemistry- Harris 7th edition
  2. It took me a little less than a month to prepare for the GRE. I didn't really focus too much on the math section because I have always been good at math. As an undergraduate, I majored in Microbiology and Chemistryand got a minor in Biomedical Physics. My curriculum was very math instensive, so when it came down to taking the test everything was a review. I did all the test problems in the official GRE study guide and that was enough for me. However, I was surprised that during the test day I was struggling with some of the math test questions. I had some hard math problems and it took me a while to finish. I was definitely sure that I didn't get the elusive 800 in the math section that I wanted so badly. However, I guess I got most of them right and the test was only hard because it is computer adaptive. My advice would be to not get discouraged if you find some the test question difficult and just focus on getting most of them right. My major concern was the Verbal section. My advice on doing well on the test is to increase your vocabulary. I did this by learning the words that are in The Princeton Review Word Smart for the GRE, Barron's Essential Words for the GRE, GRE Bible's wordlist, and by reading novels and looking up unfamilar words on thefreedictionary.com. I would recommend using thefreedictionary.com because it allows you to make your wordlist which makes it easy to review them later. Once I became confident with my newfound vocabulary I spent two weeks doing verbal problems. Despite working on my vocabulary, I still found some words on the test to be totally foreign like the word Friable :(. I took 1 computer adaptive test from GRE BIBLE and did all the samples problems. I took 3 tests from Mcgraw Hill GRE 2009 CD. I thought the Mcgraw tests were easy but were scored much harder. I was scoring in the mid 1400s on my practice test, so when i saw I got a 1520 on the real thing I was excited.
  3. Thanks, Goldust. You have been really helpful!
  4. Does anyone know how long it will take to receive your scores in the mail?
  5. Thanks!!! I just can't believe I did so good. I guess I am shock. The test was really hard, but I guess that must have been because the test was computer adaptive. Satrianic: No, I didn't get a percentile. I just got my two scores for each section.
  6. I just took my GRE today and it was so hard. Harder than I expected. After doing the Quant section, I was thinking to myself that this is too ridiculolous. I was expecting to have done poorly. However, when I clicked to view my scores. I saw this on the screen, GRE Verbal 720 Math 800 Are these scores legit? Or can it change when we get the official score in the mail.
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