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  1. I'm definitely going to try this if I get the chance!!! Not with a metallica t-shirt, but with something very close to that
  2. That's a good point. I don't drive, but Boston is a bit hard to navigate around.
  3. Boston is one of the few american cities where cars are not necessary. There is good public transportation (the T, the bus system and the commuter rail), and the city is quite dense with a walkable downtown area. However, the T doesn't run after 12-1am which was a pain. Also, getting groceries without a car was problematic too, but this depends on where exactly you live. So, if you are on a budget, try living without a car first, and see for yourself
  4. I will be reading the June, July and August issues of Playboy
  5. I don't think it's a good idea to buy an apartment. First, you will stay in the area only for 5-6 years. Unless you already know the area well, you will need to rent for a year before you buy, so subtract 1 from the no. of years above. Moreover, I doubt that housing prices have fallen a lot in areas around college, because the demand there is driven to a great extent by the young victims of the local landlords. If you do have lots of money and expect to sell the house at the same price you bought it a few years later, then maybe it's worth paying for the property taxes, instead of the rent. There should be some expected profit from this, but I wouldn't bear the risk because I can't afford it
  6. Let's just measure and compare our penises. It will be more objective, more productive and certainly less (political correctness does not allow me to say this) than all the recent ranking talks. Just kidding :D
  7. That's a great point too. They would say this even if it was not true. I guess I just (want to) believe them haha One more thing: Even if funded students do better than the unfunded ones, I wouldn't say that it's the same with the externally funded ones- and there are many of them.
  8. I'm going to disagree with elcapitano. I was told by uchicago professors that the rank you get in does not predict future success in the program. Elcapitano is right to say that it's better to be a top student at a top30, rather than bottom at UChicago, but I'm not sure this dilemma is correct The placements the last 2 years were bad, but before that they were good... and it will take about 5-6 years until we get in the job market, so I wouldn't base too much on that information. UChicago's placements are still probably much better from the placements of the schools that funded benedictprosper. About the loan thing, Benedictprosper, don't expect TM forum participants to give you the advice that is right *for you*. Only you know what your future might be like, what your fallback options are, and how much your family can help. Personally, I had decided that I wouldn't go to UChicago if the funding differential was more than 50k, regardless of the ranking of my second option. However, I have different credit constraint and it may not be easy to pay back more than 50k in case I choose a job that doesn't pay well. Don't let this be a guide for you though. If you get a job in the private sector you will be able to pay the 250+130, and take an additional mortgage of 2 million for your house lol. What's 250+130 next to 2 million?
  9. Say a hi from me!!! Just kidding :) Ok, now I'm picking the low hanging fruit. Hopefully Harry Lime will come up with something better
  10. 2+3. This is the second best and covers everything but stipend for the first two years
  11. In at UChicago finally!!! If you plan to go there and we haven't met yet, send me a message
  12. What you are telling me is very comforting. it's good to know that there is life outside academia. It sounds like you had a good deal. I wouldn't be upset to end up with 25 days of paid vacation per year. I want to spend at least a month in my home country per year, so that sounds sweet Anyway, back to the academia now :tup:
  13. normal hours and not a lot of stress? That's certainly not the image I had in mind about private sector (not that I have first hand experience)
  14. And I'll take you to the greektown for some freakin' gyros (assuming i stay in chicago). you will smell like gyros for a week.
  15. I would bet that next year will be at least as good as this one, because there has to be a lag between X and Y here
  16. The deep dish experience: :doh::wacko::eek::sick::crazy:
  17. I think that wind-up-bird's advise is really good. It seems that your profile will be exactly the same next year, so apply to many schools in the 20-50 range, plus some higher-ranked and maybe some lower-ranked if you want more geographical flexibility. Did you report the B in real analysis this year? Expect this to have a moderate negative effect. You should also take into account the effect the economy will have on the next admissions cycle. I'm curious to see if it will be easier or harder.
  18. I just declined Penn State. UMaryland is a better match for my interests (and I'm still waiting for the other programs)
  19. I'm going to agree with all other posters. Tilburg seems to be much better. I don't know if there is anything -that you can see and we can't- that makes you even think about the dilemma. You should talk more about your thoughts if you want responses more meaningful than "a>b" About funding, you said that both give you tuition waiver... so it doesn't seem there will be a difference
  20. maybe because the department has good labor. labor => construction workers => red brick walls
  21. That's quite a lot of entertainment money, dude! We should go out together sometime haha (kidding, i'm not in london). How do you manage to pay only 600 for rent? I have heard the worst about how expensive london is. 600 seems shockingly low
  22. I know personally at least 3 young stars who did exactly what you describe, and it didn't seem to hurt them. They went to a top school though
  23. Here are my calculations: Rent: 750 for a decent studio that includes utilities except for electricity (that's if I stay at Hyde Park). Plan to share afterwards Food: 300 per month if-f I eat only at home. Can't go below for me Utilities: 50 (phone) + 20 (electr) +30? (internet)=>100 (maybe add 50 for tv) Laundry: 10 per month Entertainment: 200? (includes local transportation) Transportation (to home): about 2.5k annually Clothing: about 1k annually 1360*12+2.5+1=approx 20k I edited this because I ****ed up the calculations!!!
  24. OMG! I'm so glad to see there are other people suffering with me!
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