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  1. otrscan

    2008 NBCOT exam

    Thanks for responding, when would you like to start. Please post your email so i can meet up with you. thanks
  2. yes i have. Are you in any of the tri states (nY,NJ,CT)
  3. otrscan

    2008 NBCOT exam

    did you just studied the questions??
  4. otrscan

    2008 NBCOT exam

    thanks for responding. yes, knowing where to start is the key. i wish i had someone i could meet regularly to study with so we can quiz each other and discuss some of the thing i am studying. Sometime you may have a particular question and by talking about it you get a better understanding and you understand more.
  5. otrscan


    Do we have any OTR tutors available please post group price and 1and 1price thanks
  6. hello everyone, I live in nyc area and is looking for a study partner to prepare for the NBCOT exam. If you live in nyc, ct, nj, long island area i am willing to meet to study. thanks
  7. otrscan

    2008 NBCOT exam

    i am living iin the NYC area and looking for a study partner if you are interested please post a response
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