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  1. Anyone interested for an internship position at an independent closed door pharmacy in San Diego? This is actually my current position and I'll be done by March, so it'll be available by then. It's a volunteer position, however they give you gas money and lunch is free. Its pretty small so you can definitely learn and perform everything that a pharmacist can (except for the signing part of course). You are also involved in everyday purchasing of orders. Hours are M-F 9:30-5:30. Sorry but my boss does not sponsor, if you're green card holder / US citizen with a valid California Intern License then you're welcome to apply. If interested, kindly send me your resume for review. Thanks!
  2. I actually sent those fingerprint cards before but I think it's better not to until you have your SSN. When I submitted my SSN I had to do another fingerprinting since I heard its only valid every 6 months. What I did was when I sent them my application, I included a letter telling them that I'm aware that I don't have SSN and that I was only after the deficiency letter. Hope this helps. :)
  3. hi havocer007! I also am a foreign graduate, when I submitted my forms I didn't include that page. Basically, I just included form pages 1-3, a copy of FPGEC, fingerprints, and a check for the fee. Let me also remind you that the intern license is only valid for 2 years, so you should have completed your required hours by then. If not, I think you have to pay again and repeat the process. What I did was I didn't apply for the license until I was certain that I have an employer. That way, I could maximize the validity of the permit. Good luck to you! :)
  4. hi chinniv! Have you tried having your transcripts evaluated by ECE and NABP? If you did but were not allowed to take FPGEE, you might want to look into the option of taking up a "non-traditional PharmD" offered in some Pharmacy schools in the US. PM me if you have inquiries. all the best!:)
  5. Hi IamPrincess! Regarding your query, Clinical Pharmacy and Doctor of Pharmacy are two different programs in CEU. I honestly don't have any idea on how they do it for the Clinical Pharmacy all I know is that its a 5-year BS Pharmacy curriculum and yes it came AFTER their PharmD Program. Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) is a post-graduate / professional degree and it takes 2 years to finish in addition to the usual 4 year BS degree (a total of 6 years). It's the one that I took actually, and yes I was able to take the FPGEE. I hope that helps to clarify. :)
  6. Hi IamPrincess! I think you misunderstood what I meant when I said, "the only option then was PharmD from CEU". I was just saying that when I started this thread that was the only option I thought of. Since then, people were sharing their thoughts on the other programs such as those in Cebu and Davao. I did not mean to compare any of those programs. Nonetheless, this thread is solely for the purpose of informing people of their options if they would want to be eligible for FPGEE or even to pursue career in US. I don't even care which program came first (as far as existence) nor which BS Pharm schools their students are from. I'm more interested on which does deliver, and obviously all three programs are proven to make one eligible for FPGEE. Just for the record, PharmD from CEU Makati started on June 2005. During my time there, students were mainly from BSPharm schools in Manila (UP, UST, CEU) probably because not a lot knew about it. In contrast to what is usual, only 3 students of my class (including I) wanted to really pursue career in US. Moreover, 2 of those are now Pharmacist Interns and 1 finishing the Pharmacist Licensure process. I think 75% of class chose to stay in the Philippines. I heard some of those from earlier batches pursued their careers in other countries such as Singapore, Australia and Canada. Again, this thread is for exploring options on how "foreign pharmacists who graduated after 2003" may be eligible to sit for FPGEE. I do not intend to compare any of the available programs, but I was just sharing my experience just like other people here sharing theirs. (I do apologize if it made readers feel that way though.) I reckon each program has its unique curriculum and the choice for an option depends on the individual based on their needs and their convenience. Thank you all very much for sharing on this thread. all the best! :)
  7. Hi EOlaes! Are you worried that the dean wouldn't accept you since you failed a class during your BS? I had a classmate from PharmD, she was also my classmate from BS and I know she failed about 3 classes then but she was still admitted to PharmD. I think the most important thing is you are a licensed Pharmacist. If you have more detailed inquiry you can send me a message. all the best!
  8. Hi veroka64! I'm not Peruvian but I hope I could help you. The documents you need are: 1) 2 original copies of Official Transcripts signed and sealed on an envelope. This is the document where you can see your grades. 2) Proof of Degree is your Original Diploma, the one that they give you when you graduate (and you can hang on your wall if you wish). 3) ECE Application form and fees. Don't worry because they will return original documents to you after evaluation. All the best! :)
  9. hey guys! I just want to express my gratitude for sharing all the experiences. I was the one who started this thread and the only option then was to take the PharmD degree from CEU Makati to be eligible for FPGEE. After few years, we were able to explore other options such as the Clinical Pharmacy Programs in Cebu and Davao.. I think anyone who would want to know further about these options just need to read this thread from the start and they'll definitely find answers. I am so happy that we were able to help each other, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for sharing. I wish you all the best and May God bless us all. :)
  10. hi damarlaanil! thank you for your response. :) I didn't know about TN regulations but I'll look into it.
  11. Hi everyone! I hope someone can provide me with info about NABP's Naplex Score Transfer Program particularly to California. Right now, I'm waiting for a company where I could have my 1500 hrs internship in CA (San Diego). I am taking care of my uncle for 4 months now whom is recovering from stroke. I'm planning to take my NAPLEX on one of those states that do not require the internship hours before exam like Nevada just so I could maximize my time on pursuing my career even without having my internship yet. I've been trying to call CA BOP and reading through their website but I couldn't find any answers. I just want to make sure that when I take the exam I could transfer the scores to CA without me being licensed to that state where I initially took Naplex. Lastly, to those who are in San Diego area if you have any idea on which companies are currently hiring for an intern position or perhaps anything at all that could help to finish my intern hours, PLEASE do share. I would very much appreciate to hear from you. May God bless us all. :apple:
  12. Hi Pinaypie! I heard about the 5-year program just before I was to graduate from PharmD. I wish I could be of help to you but I don't know anyone who took this program yet. Hope you'll find the answer to your query. all the best! :)
  13. Hi Speedy, Honestly, I don't think I'm in the position to state my opinion on this one. I mean, every university has their own curriculum and the eligibility for taking the FPGEE is solely upon the discretion of NABP. However, if I may state the facts, if you go on the FPGEE Bulletin, they have reiterated that post-graduate degree may be considered provided the curriculum consists of clinical experience (not the exact words but the thought is like that). :orange: Furthermore, transcript will be evaluated by certain committee based on the units/subjects taken so it really depends. I'm sorry I wish I could help you on this but that's all I could share. Good luck though.
  14. Hi Speedy! The answer to your question is yes. I was awarded with the degree and therefore I received a diploma for it. :)
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