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  1. Are you asking which schools have the highest acceptance rate? The USNews rankings can provide you with that information or you can use this website: 2009 Raw Data Law School Rankings : Acceptance Rate (Descending) Usually schools that are lower in the US News rankings are the ones that accept the most students. Selectivity is one of the factors that USNews uses to weigh schools. As you can see from the ILRG site, Cooley is the school that accepts the most students. It is also cosidered a "4th Tier" law school.
  2. After reading this I pretty much freaked out since I am planning on taking the GRE in mid November. Luckily, I just rechecked and every school I am applying to has a deadline of January 15th. I didn't know that other programs were so early!
  3. This is the MFA forum, not MBA. But, I'd suggest you head to usnews.com and look at their graduate school rankings if you are looking for a list of the best MBA programs.
  4. A prof at my school advised that you should never go into debt for a phd program, but this sounds different. I would ask them about funding for next semester (try to get something definitive), but this doesn't sound different from an MA program. Even if you don't get funding at this school you can always transfer your credits to another program (all the schools I know of will take at least 9 credits from another university). If you are for sure want to go into a phd program, this is a great way to not waste a year; even if your first semester isn't funded, it might be worth paying for.
  5. Wow, I had no idea about UF. I guess I should consider scratching it off my options list. But, I must agree. As a philosophy MA student, you will have no employment options besides possibly adjuncting at a CC. But, if you don't care about that, I think you could find some schools that would still be willing to consider you for Fall. Since philosophy MA programs aren't all that popular, you might have some luck with sending an email to the schools you are interested in if you do it soon (my schools deadline was the begining of July). Maybe a "design your joint degree program" could arrange a phl MA and an MBA, but I know of no formal arrangements. This is the main site for graduate philosophy programs if you are interested in rankings, terminal MA programs, ect: The Philosophical Gourmet Report 2006 - 2008 : Welcome
  6. 1. If something is happy and boisterious wouldn't it make sense that the next words used to describe it would be positive rather than negative? Rephrase it like this if their language confuses you: In a happy celebration commemorating the discovery of America, the major phase of the celebration got off to a ___ start. Whatever you use to fill in the blank should be positive to match "happy". 2. Are repetitions supposed to be automatically dismissed? I think not. Rephrase: Measurement is a complex activity subject to error. It is not always used ___ and is frequently misinterpreted and ____. Both of these blanks are going to be filled in with some mildly negative words. I like to try filling in the blanks before looking at the choices then finding options that match what I came up with. I would say: correctly...misread. Based on my blanks I'd say: 1 is out because "mistaken" does not mean "correctly". 2 is out because "erratically" does not mean "correctly". 3 is out because, while "systematically" is close to "correctly", "organized" is not close to "misread". Organized is NOT negative (remember, the mis in misinterpreted does not get applied to the next term). 4 is out because, while "innovatively" is close to "correctly" in the sense that they are both positive, "refined" is a positive term and we were looking for a negative term.
  7. The original poster posted this in 2004. If his plan worked he is already in law school... Also, http://www.lsat.com/pdfs/2007-2008/LegalEducationStatistics.pdf (page 5) isn't showing any increase in applicants, but an increase in enrollment. I am not sure if the economy is encouraging people to GO to law school, but it doesn't look like it is encouraging people to APPLY to law school. The 08-09 isn't out yet, but maybe the admissions guy will be shown correct when it is released.
  8. Try Powerscore's Logical Reasoning Bible.
  9. With a 142 diag, you should really consider taking an LSAT prep course, like Kaplan or Princeton Review.
  10. I hadn't heard of them before, so I looked at their website. Just based on the info there, I'd say stay FAR away. Reasons: 1. They state that they use "realistic" questions but you shouldn't prepare with anything other than "official" questions. The LSAC has released over 40 full length tests that you can buy off of Amazon, why would you use fake questions? 2. It looks more like software than anything else. They talk about how you can pause the test, view the correct answer after you submit, how it calculates your score, ect. I don't think that will have any benefit on raising your score. The LSAT isn't even a computerized test. 3. Their, "Why should I choose LSATPass for my LSAT prep?" gives two reasons for why you should choose them. They are: A. We are the best LSAT prep leaders. Our preparatory products have the potential to get you skyrocketing score. B. We offer great prep at low cost. Do you know that LSAT full length class rooms generally cost around $ 1200? And you are bound for 8 weeks, getting to comply to a schedule that you may not be happy with. With LSATPass, you have access to easy to grasp LSAT prep material which you can study in your own free time and at a pace that suits you best. They give no reasons for their first claim that they are an industry leader (in fact, this seems wrong since I can't find them referenced besides on their own website) and almost ANYTHING has the "potential" to "skyrocket" your score. The Penny Press Logic Games could make the same claim. The second claim is rather silly. Why are they comparing their $30 pdfs to in class instruction? In class instruction is far superior, hands down. Now, if they were to compare themselves to other test prep books, they might have a case to work with. This leads me to... 4. I downloaded their "demo" and see that their pdfs only EXPLAIN the answers to their MADE UP questions. They don't even teach you techniques to solve the questions! Wow...just...wow.
  11. PowerScore | LSAT Help | LSAT News See: Recent Change to ABA Policy
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