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  1. Hi Raghuveer, First of all, Congratulations. Next, we all know how tough this year has been to all applicants. But, considering ur skills I guess u are meant to shine in whichever field u choose. So, worry thou not:D I'm absolutely sure that u will reach ur goal in the days to come. u know wot? Its not the destination that is impportant but the path we take in reaching it. All successful people have but one thing in common and that is reaching their goals with undeterred perseverance. The only thing that really matters is how we acheive it. On reaching the target, the only good memories that linger with us would be the path we had taken in getting there. So, :D putting an end to this extremely long and boring epic of mine, U WILL REACH SPLENDID HEIGHTS OF SUCCESS[dance]. GOD BLESS YOU my friend.:)
  2. Hi Sri, I'm really sorry about what happened. But, I'm very sure that this is God's will. He has a bigger success waiting for you. So, dont u worry. I'm pretty sure that you are destned to excel. God Bless you. All the best for a very bright and colourful future.
  3. synthia

    Pure Engineers

    Hi noon, Great ones. Esp the one on the Toxic pipeline :DV.V.Funny
  4. Hey Xaero, :D GREATEST GOING!!!!:cool: I knew it all the time during the practice sessions my friend. I knew u'd come to this:D:DCongratulations. God Bless You. All the Best. Do keep us informed of you appln. process.
  5. Hi Ramya, Extraordinary performance! Great going.
  6. Hi Sri, Guess I'm the late gal:D Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS all the best for a bright & prosperous future. BTW, Have u finished the appln. procedure?
  7. Hi Kaushik, WAY TO GO! So, its party time for u buddy:)
  8. Hi Renata, GREAT JOB. All the best for a bright future. God Bless u.
  9. Hi Salil, Congrats. Great q score. The V is also o.k. All the best. Are u applying this yearfor next Fall?If so hurry up.
  10. Hi Xaero, Great score. Congrats. I guess ure on to the next level in the race. All the Best:)
  11. Hi Tho & Kapoor, Thanks my friends.
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