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  1. All the math gurus are earnestly requested to contribute the basic ideas on the topics. Thanks all.
  2. Congrats man. Would you please advice me regarding verbal? 1. What strategy have you followed in CR, RC and SC? 2. To pace RC what is your advice? Thanks.
  3. iwillget750, I have made a list of all the chapters that are very often tested in the GMAT. I have done it by digging GMATPREP many times. You will get the list going to the following link: http://www.www.urch.com/forums/gmat-problem-solving/109165-math-topics-very-often-tested-gmat.html Just try to catch every topic's idea. I am sure you will also do the same as I did. Thanks.
  4. I have attempted the GPREP many times. From those tests I have seen that these are the topics that are tested in that software. And hence, it can be inferred that the same topics are tested in the real exam. So, let's discuss the basics and techniques on those topics. Thanks.
  5. 01. Properties of Integers 1.1.Multiples and factors 1.2.Quotient and Remainder 1.3.Odd and Even integers 1.4.Prime Numbers 1.5.Divisibility Rules 1.6.Approximation 02. Fractions 2.1. Simplification 2.2. Reciprocal 03. Decimal 04. Real Numbers 4.1. Number line 4.2. Absolute value 05. Ratio and Proportion 06. Percent 07. Powers and Roots of Numbers 08. Descriptive Statistics 8.1. Mean 8.2. Median 8.3. Mode 8.4. Variance 8.5. Standard Deviation 8.6. Normal Curve 09. Sets 9.1. Sub sets 9.2. Overlapping Set 9.3. Venn Diagram 10. Counting Method 10.1. Factorials 10.2. Permutation 10.3. Combination 11. Discrete Probability 12. Algebra 12.1. Equation 12.2. Linear Equation 12.3. Equation by factoring 13. Quadratic Equation 14. Exponents 15. Inequality 16. Absolute Value 17. Function 18. Place Value 18.1. Operation with decimal Geometry: Basics 20. Line and Angles 21. Triangles 21.1. Equilateral 21.2. Isosceles 21.3. Right Triangle 21.4. Pythagorean Triplet 22. Quadrilaterals 22.1. Rectangle 22.2. Square 22.3. Rhombus 22.4. Parallelogram 22.5. Trapezium 23. Polygons 23.1. Pentagon 23.2. Hexagon 23.3. Heptagon 23.4. Octagon 23.5. Nonagon 23.6. Decagon 23.7. Dodecagon 24. Cylinder 25. Solid 26. Cone 27. Circle 27.1. Radius and Diameter 27.2. Circumference 27.3. Area 27.4. Arc 27.5. Point of tangency 28. Triangle and circle 28.1. Triangle inscribed in circle 28.2. Circle inscribed in triangle 29. Quadrilateral and circle 29.1. Quadrilateral inscribed in circle 29.2. Circle inscribed in quadrilateral 30. Coordinate Geometry 30.1. Distance formula 30.2. Mid Point formula 30.3. Equation of a line 30.4. Slope formulas 30.5. Slope of a line 30.6. Function and coordinate 31. Parabola 32. Rate problems Rate × Time = Distance 33. Work Problems 1/s+1/r=1/h 34. Mixture Problems 35. Interest Problem 35.1. Simple interest 35.2. Compound interest 36. Discount 37. Profit 38. Data interpretation 38.1. Pie Chart 38.2. Bar diagram 38.3. Mean, Median and Mode 39. Series 39.1. Arithmetic Progression 39.2. Geometric Progression 40. Various 40.1. Harmonic Mean 40.2. Symbol Operation (Δ (Δ (Δ0) It is a request to everyone to contribute in this post. All the rules and basics can be discussed here. Thanks every one for effort.
  6. Thanks Asif, Second time I have given more weight on maths. For verbal I have gone through the OG11 and this forum. I am weak in reading. I can't grasp the idea quickly. I know I can but I don't know the way. SC: I think in real exam, SC questions are full of style errors, modifier errors, and rhetoric. Obvious grammatical errors are less than those of stylistic errors. What should be done? CR: I felt CR relatively easy. It seems to me that I could not reach to higher scores and hence easy cr's were there. RC: I did not get RC's. I could not understand the RC's meaning. I couold not organize them. What should I do? Thanks a lot.
  7. Men, I am the one who has nothing in head. I failed again. My scores: First test: November, 2008: 460(M37, V17) Second Test: January, 2009: 510 (M49, V14) Would you guys, please advise me how to develop in verbal? I have emphasized on math and I did it. What should be done with verbal? Thanks guys.
  8. Would any one suggest me how to develop in math and verbal parts? Thanks..
  9. Yesterday I took my gmat. Unfortunately it 540 (M44, V20) I took the test very soon. Actually I wanted to know the real environment. I have come to some conclusions. My experience: Math: In math I have tried my best. But I have done some silly mistakes. I am weak in some specific areas. 1. Coordinate geometry 2. Permutation and Combination 3. Absolute Value. 4. Series problems. How can I develop in those areas? Verbal: I was just guessing the CRs but in SC I was doing good. Of course in RCs I am doing the same as CRs. The problems I faced: 1. I could not grasp the whole thing of CR and RC quickly. 2. To be quicker in reading what can I do? 3. In RC, I was not sure about the answers. Meanig that I was not sure whether the answer that I answered is correct or not. 4. In CR, how can I develop? thanks every one.
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