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  1. Hey heartiest congrats... Its really commendable that you took the test in such situation. great work... I am very much impressed.....[clap][clap]:notworthy
  2. Hi Conspicuously139. You asked about two things. 1. AWA: FOr AWA read teh standard format that you will find in any GMAT guide and also on this forum. Also once you take a side then write logical experiences that people can easily relate to... Be yourself. Don't change your writing habbit. I didn't used any big words in my essays and just made sure that whatever I write should make sense and should e easily understandable. By this I mean the reader should not be made to read the sentence twice. Follow this approach and you will be good. 2. Prephrasing in must be true questions: With must be true quetions hen you read the stimulus you should know what is the crux or gist of the passage. In other words you paraphrase the passage in your words. hwne you read the option the option which perfectly matches with the crux of stimulus is the corect answer. Now if you are not able to paraphrase then dont wory. Make sure that you understand what you read properly. Try to think what is important for the author and what exactly he is try to convey. If you are on the correct line of thinking then you will choose the correct option once you read the answer options.
  3. Congrats buddy.. Awesome score... All the best......
  4. Hey thank you Mitzi. Good to see your post. I never cursed my Girlfriend. You misread the sentence i guess :(.... Anyways.. Hope your preparation is going well. Looking forward to read your debrief.
  5. Hey thankyou friend. WHich document are you talking about. To improve your C plz go through the CR powerscore bible for GMAT...its a awesome book... this should be your first step towards improving your CR......
  6. Thank you Abhasjha. I remember your CR question. And it should not be around May but nov to december 2008 i guess. I became member of this wonderful forum in sept....
  7. Congratulations my friend. Awesome score.....
  8. PM me your email Id and i shall send you a invitation... i liked the math section of 800score..... Keep on practicing and don't thnk about this now. The more things you do concepts will get wired on your mind and you would be able to solve things fast. So dont think keep on doing things that you are doing....
  9. During my preparation I had put more concentration on Verbal. I did all the toughest and controversial question that I could find on this forum. I feel I was prepared for anything that exam can throw at me. Frankly speaking I found verbal much simpler than my earlier attempt. I understood what Iwas reading and that helped me to solve SC,CR or RC. So this is very important that you should understand what you are reading. This task is difficult under timed manner.Also it requires you to be calm and composed. About RC as mentioned i got 2 very big and two decent passages. Here also if I had panicked I would have missed many questions. But again Iread the passages as they came and understood what the authors wants to convey and tried to think why he wnats to say all that he is saying. Somehow I feel that GMAC does not randomly pick nay passage from any article and form questions on them. The passages are complete in themselves nad make sense. If you read it properly you will understand why the author is writing a passage and what he wants to convey. I am not sure whether you panicked or whether you were really alert while taking yourverbal test. You have to do introspection about how did your really spent those 75 mins of verbal sections. Once you honestly do this excercise I guess you yourself will find what went wrong. I have the OG10 quant solutions. The size of that document is huge to upload here. I will uplaod those document in my esnip folder. Try below link. starmagic321's Stuff eSnips Folder Let me know if you have any other queries.
  10. -Sets M:32 to 34/ 37 V: 30 to 35 /41 -Gprep M:35 to 36/ 37 V: 33 to 36 /41 -LSAT Solved around 200 LSAT CR. Sometimes i did well sometimes not. But the discussion and learning was good. -OG10 M: Almost all correct. V: First time when I did I got around 60 to 70 percent correct. next time i got almost all correct. I did SC and RC twice. -OG11 Same as OG10..... Only differnce is that I did OG11 sc thrice.....
  11. You are always welcome Fif for GMAT. Yes the OG materia ldoes not reflect the exact thing that you see on the exam.As I mentioned before the errors that you see on the exam are same though. So use OG accordingly. Yes you can post yours queries as and when you have. May be you can use this thread itself and many other people can benefit from your queries.
  12. I didn't get your email ID. As I mentioned there is some issue to get the esnip forder link. The link which I get is not working though I have maintained those documents in the shared folder. I will send you intivite once Iget your email ID.
  13. I got my Official Score Today. Scored 5.5 in AWA.....
  14. Thank you bro. You will find all these note in debrief of TBay. Even if you search on esnips you should get these documents. All the best...
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