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  1. Hi Everybody If you are travelling to take NCLEX. all travelling information can be received from the following website www.newyorktraveldestination.blogspot.com You can administer NCLEX, in Pearson vue centres ,in NY
  2. Hi everybody First best of luck for your endeavour. hope everything goes well . Before pls go through NABP website and get all the procedures and step. This can save you a lot of time.There is a blue print for fpgee exam, pls read it throughly and select which are the books needed for the preparation.If you have doubt feel free to contact me . pls go through these web sites NABP Home - National Association of Boards of Pharmacy® (NABP®)
  3. Hi friends There are lot of materials available for naplex.Main is Apha ,it gives a through outline of the portions covered in the exam, study APHA two times, it is simple and for rememering you can go through prontopass. calculations you can go through prontopass or mann $shroff Instead of prontopass you can refer passnaplexnow review materials, but it is expensive. There are lot of website www.ritepassnaplex.yolasite.com www.passnaplexnow.com and ASHP pharmpreponline good luck
  4. hi guys Please include me also in your naplex preparation ,i already entered your id in msn messenger take care
  5. hi guys i also want to join your group for naplex preparation ,presently im in newyork.my msn id :math20012001@hotmail.com
  6. hi boss, Iam also planning to apply for florida internship, will please give some suggestion , regd how to apply for internship. I heard that if fpgec certification is there they are ready to pay 30 /hour my e mail id:math20012001@hotmail.com if u give some help it is highly appreciated take care
  7. Hai boss, i am planning to take Naplex recently, will you give some advice and suggestion regarding this and if u didnt sell u r notes plese let me know how much u r selling.It is highly appreciated. my e mail id :math20012001@hotmail.com
  8. math2001

    Graphs for Practice

    hellow iam planning to take tse on jan 17 .will any one please send me the graph document,which iam unable to download. my email .math20012001@hotmail.com please thank you
  9. mr.patel will you please provide some material for preparation of tse.iam appearing for jan 17 tse test my email adress is. math20012001@hotmail.com thank you
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