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  1. Hey M, thanks for replying! The idea is to move next year in order to join my other half, who is already in NYC; so starting a masters in Jerusalem is out of the question, and also quite unsure with the NABP. Any other ideas will be appreciated... Good luck on your test! B.
  2. Thanks for your answers! The problem I am facing is that there is no clear way to find out which Universities offer continuing programs for people who finished 4 year pharmaceutical programs after 2003. Does anyone know where I could turn for more info? Thanks Again.
  3. Thank you Pharm; the degree mentioned above is a 4 year degree acquired in 2008. Nabp has been quite difficult to navigate. Any further advice? Thanks!
  4. hi, Could anyone direct me to information on what a Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem is worth in the States? I'd like to find out if it's enough to get a job in the metro NY area and/or what US school would count the courses from this degree toward a domestic degree in Pharmacy. Thanks! B.
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