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  1. no I didn't maybe next year...trying to get retail experience this yr then we'll see for next year..you?but will they take foreign graduates?
  2. Hello Dear

    I just saw your post regarding your interest for the residency program from last year. Now I am a lisence pharmacist but in the same shoes. I was wondering if you ever applied for PGY1 through the match. I would appreciate any advice.

    My direct email address is pegah@mtnsystems.com



  3. Hello.. I am new to this Applying for MBA business..I was wondering how many months do I need to prepare for the GMAT.and what is the best available source out there? thank you!
  4. submit your internship hours and they will give you ATT letter valid for 2 years.goodluck!
  5. yes you don't but then when you become a pharmacist you will only have retail experience and you can't find a job in inpatient setting.I went through this mistake.
  6. GOODLUCK!!I'm sure you can make it.you went this far!
  7. I'm not sure about California..but I think 4 times Year.You can retake it after 91 days if you fail.But remember after 91 days ..pay the fees before 91 days so that you can take the exam after 91 days.because usually it takes them one to 2 weeks to respond.hope this helped!
  8. I am in MI..both books are good.Important is to stick to one book and answer questions!
  9. hi arz008

    I was wondering did you get licensed?where did you do your internship.I am now a registered pharmacist but I did all my internship in retail i got an interview in inpatient pharmacy setting and I don't know anything about inpatient pharmacy..should I request another internship or should I volunteer if i get hired in retail?

  10. No..as long as you finish both exams within 2 yrs from the issuance of ATT letter you don't need to repeat any of them.Yes I know how much you are worried.I was because i didn't want to retake my law exam!!Thank you ;)
  11. not a single person replied..26 views!
  12. FPGEC has no expiration date..intern license has an expiration date but you can renew it by calling the boards and paying your fees.now whenyou do the internship and submit the hours .you have 2 years from the date the Att letter was issued..(but you have to renew it yearly in those 2 years)..anyway in those 2 years u have to do naplex and mpje..so if u did the mpje and didn't pass naplex in those 2 years..then you have to retake mpje.but remember after those 2 years after internship are over..I am not sure u have to call the boards to see ifyo u have to do more internship hours..bec they say in the mpje that you have to do 500 internship hours immediately before doing the board exam..so this you have to check with the boards..hope this helps!
  13. Dear ncstate, I finished my internship in 2010..and they gave me a yr in ATT letter(from sept 2010 till sept 2011)..so during that yr I did first my law exam and then naplex..unfortunately I missed passing the naplex by 2 points in July 2011.so before the Att letter expired (meaning spet 2012)I called them (board of pharmacy)and they explained that Att letter will be send again for another yr bec u have 2 yrs from time u finish internship.so they sent me a new ATt letter from sept 2011 till sept 2012.Fortunately,I passed with a good score on my 2nd attempt Jun 2012. Now my advice...we are still in sept 2012..naplex doesn't need more than 3to 4 intensive studying months.Don't do what i did and postpone it.If you failed God forbid you can retake it.As long as you study hard and do some questions you should be fine .Goodluck and help my answer helped!
  14. 2008 FPGEE... 2009... Toefl Ibt ....2010 internship..2011 MPJE..2012 Naplex!
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