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  1. I have not bought any books. I sold the 3 Norton books I had after my World Lit class was over, but I have The Great Books from Encyclopedia Brittanica. Everything else I plan to read online or get from the library. I read the reviews on the GRE books on Amazon, but I don't think I'm going to buy them. I may see which ones the library has available and go over them.
  2. Well, I was already a Lit major, so what was I going to do? Teach, write, or just say I have a degree? At least with the media specialist I can finally have a career. I want to travel as well, so why not travel and get paid too?
  3. I read about Valdosta state on degree info and since it's the only online class for a Master's in Library Science that is approved by the ALA, so that's the one I went with. My aunt is a media specialist and she is encouraging me to do the media specialist certification. In Georgia, public school librarians have to be certified just like teachers.
  4. I've already taken a communication class at a local college. I already have 62 credits, so I'm good there. It wasn't a bad class at all. I just wonder where they'll put my spanish classes and some other things. The B&M school wanted me to have 4 years of Spanish in order to get my English BA. I just decided I wanted to finish sooner and not have to take so many classes that didn't pertain to my major, but they required them.
  5. Have you seen this site for a reading list? GRE Reading List It may help you figure out where to start. Have you taken a practice test yet?
  6. Thanks for responding. I am planning to enroll in Charter Oak. Thanks for letting me know the scoring. I know what to shoot for on my next practice test. I have not done enrolled yet, but I plan to do that within the next 2 months. I've already starting studying for the Lit test. I'm not very organized, it just looks that way! We'll see how much reading I actually do by October! My master's goal is to become licensed as a Media Specialist in the state of Georgia. That requires an MLIS plus teacher certification as a media specialist. I found a program at Valdosta State Unversity that is primarily online but I may have to travel to a central location a few times. My goal is to then obtain a job as a media specialist in a DOD school and then apply for a job at one of the military posts in Europe. My dh was in the military and we spent 3 years in Germany. I want to go back and travel some more.
  7. Hi, all! I am so glad to find this site! I am working towards a BA in English with a concentration in Literature and the GRE subject exam could count for 18 credits! That's a year of school for me, so I hope to take it this coming October. Unfortunately, my school doesn't share what is considered passing or what score is needed for that much credit. I downloaded the first practice exam from the GRE site and was not happy with my score. I was at 10%! I did not skip any questions, however, so I'm sure that counted against me. My goal is to get 80% as time goes on. My weakness was definitely poetry. I love literature but I hate poetry. I have been looking at the study guides and made a plan. I plan to use the MIT courses and take 2 months for each section. I will include literary criticism and literary terminology in each section. Jan & Feb - MIT's intro to Poetry. Includes some Virginia Wolf, Tennyson, Ezra Pound, William Carlos Williams, Auden, etc. March & April - MIT Victorian Literature - British Lit during Queen Victoria's reign, including Bronte sisters, Dickens, Lewis Carroll, Robert Browning, Tennyson, etc. May & June - MIT Major English Novels - Includes Dafoe, Shelley, Jane Austen, George Eliot, James Joyce, HG Wells, etc. July & August - MIT Major European Novels - Includes Don Quixote, Madame Bovary, etc. Sept & Oct - Review Shakespeare and the Classics. I had 3 Norton books and sold them after I took my World Literature class :doh:. I am familiar with Beowulf, Gilgamesh and other similar stories and I am also familiar with biblical analogies and Bible as Literature. I believe those were the questions I got correct most of the time. So, what do ya'll think? I do work part-time as well as homeschool my son, so this is going to be a very busy 10 months! Christina in GA
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