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  1. Hello Amalia! Here are the answers to your questions. 1. In such type of questions it is always better to assume some numbers. First i would begin by taking n as an odd odd number...so let n = 1,then n(n+1)(n+2) becomes 1 x 2 x 3 which is = 6 and hence (a) is incorrect.Next if i take n = 2 it becomes 2 x 3 x 4 = 24 which is even although we have taken number to be even..so (b) and © are also incorrect.Now going back to this very example u can see it is also easily divisible by 3 althouygh n = 2 is even ..so (d) is also incorrect.HENCE THE CORRECT CHOICE IS (E).Which u can check by putting any value. 2. In second question , X x X = XY therefore, X(X-Y) = 0 , giving either X = 0 or X = Y Thus Correct choice is (A) . These are basic questions and u can only master them with practice and a little application of a brain.Take up any good book of basics.U should just know the basic definiteion of Real,Integer numbers etc. and u should be able to do these questions easily. Do post the questions that u r facing difficulty in .U might never know..it can appear in your test as well and can be other's difficuly as well.
  2. Hi Erin! This really was a nice question and definitely had me in trouble too.I would like to answer the question that synthia has put up.The correct choice is (d) because wax gets used up on consumption of candle just as rubber gets used up on gradual use or consumption of tyre.On the other hand it can't be any of the other choices or the fork:metal as metal gets used up in the making process and not in the consumption process. I hope u've got it. Hey Erin..post some more of such analogies.....
  3. hi shipra! Whenever u get questions of such type as that of finding the relationship between the fractions,it is always better to put some general values in the relations and then check them..as mesh here has supposedly taken a = 4 and b= 2 and then checked for the fractions. Regarding the second question.Since u've got the formula, v x v = 2 a d and since u need to find the distance..so take the 2a to the other side..that would make it (v x v)/2a and using this relation u caqn easily find the answer by putting the appropriate values.
  4. Hello Friends ! I would be grateful if you people could guide me on certain queries.My problem is that,since my engineering would get completed by july next year....and i want to get admission in MS in fall semester so that i won't be wasting any time and would be doing it in continuance to my B.Tech. But iam not getting any exam date for GRE before 17th -20 th of december and i wanted somebody to please give answers to my queries which are as following : 1. In how many days would i be getting the score after giving the exam..so that i can send the duly filled forms to the respective universities. 2. Would i be eligible for the fall semester 2003 ? 3. Do i have to get the forms of the universities in advance..i.e. before giving the exam..i mean how should i go about it. 4. I've got confusion regarding MEngg.I thought there is only MS of around one and a half to two years duration but somebody told me..that MSc. and MEngg are further subdivisions of MS and asked me what do i want to go for..so i would like someone to throw light on this. 5. Lastly,I've heard that for most of the universities admissions as well as scholarship applications for foreign students end by the 31st of december .Is there any relaxation on the deadline date ? I would be most oblidged if anybody could send in a reply as soon as possible either here at the dicussion board or mail it to me at tushar0123@yahoo.com. Thanks with regards, Tushar "Keep on trying and trying until u succeed"
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