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  1. Rxprep 2011 edition - 60$ got considerable marks Kaplan blue book - 20$ Appleton Lange -6th edition $15 If interested PM me.
  2. I am planning to go CA, and would be taking nov course, let me know if you are interested.
  3. Hi, looking for roommate for passnaplexnow course.female roomate is preferable.
  4. Hi Amicar,I am sure you will just do it fine next time,I am in same boat,but not loosing hope,as I feel or felt while giving the first time,Its pretty much doable test,Just pick up the pieces and jump start your prep for 2 nd time,I always haven seen people failing in first try,as we re so naive to this test,Just let me know we can practice over skype,but I have plans to try to give in 5 more weeks.
  5. Need serious study partner on daily basis during day time, Thanks,
  6. I am looking for someone during daytime, thanks.
  7. Congrats.Sonson,It usually take 3-7 business days.
  8. Hi,Please check your inbox,I messaged you yesterday.
  9. I am interested.Please PM skype id's
  10. Hi Everyone, I am planning to take my test in 4 weeks. I need a study partner who is willing to contribute and participate,why I am saying because I was with one group where few people contribute and other just participate. Please PM me your skypeid's. I am ok during day time hours too(EST). Thanks.
  11. Hi Archi,I am interested to review.Thanks.
  12. For TOEFL,Please follow Notefull.I did same and got required scores for FPGEC.Good luck.
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