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  1. Hello Folks, I have a very urgent query: Whilst registering for the General GRE via the ETS site-- I had encountered a minor problem and it is: The address in my passport doesn't reconcile with the "current address" (i.e. the place where I reside), so, do I have to change this particular field (i.e. address) in my passport? Firstly, Does the old address pose a hindrance whilst appearing for the General GRE? Secondly, I heard that the GRE acts as an identification proof. Should I apply for a new passport? Can I appear for the General GRE with the above mentioned credentials at work? Can anyone provide with their valuable feedback/suggestions. Thanks and Regards, GenGRE. (I am an Indian citizen)
  2. In this forum any anyone got a perfect score on the General GRE?
  3. Hello Folks, Is there any way for converting an M.S. admission to PhD in a school in the United States? For instance, I had applied for an M.S. in Computer Science in a relatively reputed school, and had finished it. Now, can I go ahead with an application for a PhD program in the same discipline in the same school? Does my M.S. make my application any 'stronger/sturdier' as and when compared with other PhD applicants? Secondly, would there be any funding related issues when applying for the PhD? Note: I believe we no longer need to attempt the Computer Science subject GRE. Any hints/suggestions please? All are much appreciated! Thanks, GenGRE
  4. Hello, I would suggest you "hide" the correct answer choices, so that after someone has deciphered the question and came up with a solution, they would be in a position to explain the reasoning behind the other "incorrect" answer choices. Regards, GenGRE
  5. Hello, The word "heretical" means something that contradicts well-established notions/ideas. Since her theory didn't contradict accepted notions/principles, the correct answer is "B". (The keywords to arrive at the correct answer are "charge"- in the first line of the sentence and "in fact contradict") Regards, GenGRE.
  6. Hello, I am logging into this forum after a long time. I have a simple query-- I ahd earlier given my GRE in FEB 2009 (got 1350; AWA 4.5)-- now my queries are In the New format of the GRE is it possible to get a perfect score? (340; AWA-6) Can you anyone give any suggestion/advice please? Thanks and Regards, GenGRE
  7. On a discursive note, I'm also in a similar situation. I will only take a single letter of recommendation from my "distinguished professor" at college. I'm also thinking of asking for two letters of recommendation from people who are my immediate "superiors" at work. I think certainly that if they could give "pretty good" recommendations. I also know someone a DRDO scientist under whom I had done a literature survey-- Does this help in M.S. admissions??? (Does a letters of recommendation from the DRDO scientist help me in M.S. in C.S at U.S. universities.??? Please great guru Calmlogic reply.... Thanks a lotttttttt
  8. But, I think I had once corresponded with a person from this forum who had explicitly said that very good GRE scores tend to get accorded significant weight-age during the application process. While I certainly accede with some of your observations but I beg to differ on some points, notably-- there doesn't exist an accurate measure to translate percentage into GPA-- the general GRE acts a "normalizer" in this respect.
  9. These days I'm quite enthused by viewing SUNY Stony Brook's Computer Science department website-- it really entrances me. I really want to pursue a Masters in Computer Science at SUNY Stony Brook, so CalmLogic -- can you give me a secret recipe? I'm currently supplementing my profile-- which is slightly devoid of exemplary grades/GPA at the under-graduate level, by garnering some requisite work experience. CalmLogic, can I offset a rather mediocre GPA or non-elite undergraduate university by getting some work experience? I'm really gung-ho on pursuing a Masters in Computer Science at SUNY, Stony Brook. What exactly should I do to realize this dream? Do 'great' or very good letters of recommendation from superiors at work achieve my objective? I think you're a real 'guru' in these matters, so I'm eagerly awaiting a reply. Thanks!
  10. @w_guy: Are General GRE and TOEFL scores really so worthless? I don't think so. But, I agree some of your points. Does having work experience in the software industry help?
  11. @ATB: You don't have a great GRE score? (Your second attempt score), come on...
  12. I don't think Calmlogic is an anti-JHU person. I don't think his opinions or posts are affected by prejudice or are fallible (INMHO). He is an indispensable part of this great forum. Between, I think JHU (CS) isn't selective as it appears to be.
  13. I think yes, quite unfortunately I slacked off during my under-graduation, but the point is I had never flunked or performed really poorly in any of my examinations. Anyways, I'm currently redeeming myself and working on the Computer Science subjects. Well, I am sure my professors won't write a "generic or lukewarm" LOR. I intend to get only one letter of recommendation from my professor in under-graduation-- the LOR will offset my GPA by amplifying my extra-curricular achievements (I participated and won a prize at IIT), etc ; I guess I might not have told you but I worked under a DRDO scientist for quite sometime (3-4 months)-- I think I will be able to get a letter of recommendation from him, and I'm vying to get another letter of recommendation from another professor at IIIT (an acclaimed institution)-- where I will most probably enjoy a stint-- working under a professor. ( I'm not sure or can't comment on it right now since it's in the pipeline) CalmLogic, can these really good LOR(s) help me in getting an admit from NYU or any school of similar stature? (I know it's a million dollar question but, based on your experience, can you please tell me??) I'm indebted to you Camlogic for your valuable suggestion/advice; You really are an asset to this 'great' forum. Thanks and Regards!
  14. Hey, thanks CalmLogic for your reply. Anyways, I can't attempt the Computer Science subject GRE -- since it's a crapshoot. According to your experience, since I can't change my GPA, does a few months of work experience, participation in TopCoder and the like, a greater General GRE score (which was implicitly stated in ATB's post), some 'good' letters of recommendation from professors improve the probablility of securing an admit at a place like NYU, (and the like, some good schools in the NY area)????? (or am I screwed owing to my rather 'average' GPA???) I'm also contemplating of doing some research in 'Software Engineering'. Also, I'm inclined to think that NYU has 'good' career fair for international students. Please suggest something more. (Sorry for needling you though) Thanks and Regards!
  15. Thanks CalmLogic for your valuable insight. I was busy with some work at office, hence sorry for the late reply. Also, I have some more queries (if I'm not needling you), How "good/reputed" is NYU's Computer Science Masters program? (NOT POLY NYU) Also, can you throw some light on how "selective" it is? How's its career fair for international students??? (I have delayed my plan of pursuing an M.S. owing to the "recession" and the like) I'm nurturing a pipe-dream (if it's an exaggeration) of doing a Masters in Computer Science from a top 50 U.S. university; I have a GPA of 3.2 (I can't gauge its accuracy) from a nondescript school/university from India. (Actually, its a quite a good school/university, so I'm speaking relatively) I'm quite intent on improving my General GRE score-- by attempting it again. I can garner a letter of recommendation from a scientist at DRDO (I had worked under him), another recommendation from my under-graduate school's vice-principal, and another, probably from a professor. Now, How do I improve my profile? Right now, I also have some months work experience as a game developer. (But I'm not so interested in the gaming industry) I know that I might be nurturing a pipe-dream by attempting to secure a "seat" in NYU's Computer Science department (or any top 50 school's in the NY area), but I'm willing to drastically improve my General GRE score (I had something like 1360 on the first attempt). The fact is that I don't have exemplary grades in my undergraduate school (both in my major area too) but my grades aren't so dismal too. Now, can you suggest some ways of supplementing my "profile"? (My class-rank is also not 'great') (What should I do-- participate in Top Coder, etc and win over there in some competitions; do projects; do research under a professor in an acclaimed institution over here (not 'original/publishable' research)??? (Can you please suggest some way of supplementing my profile so that I can secure an admit in NYU's CS department (NOT POLY NYU)) I apologise for the long-winded post, but I'm really worried and distraught. I don't want to pursue my graduate study at a non-descript school again. Please suggest something; Any advice/suggestion from anyone is eagerly awaited. Thanks and Regards!
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