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  1. Please do not ask people to PM you on this matter. Answering their questions in open frum is more helpful to all.
  2. Click on the person's blue name in the left hand column and follow the link to Private Messages. Alternatively follow the Private Message link clearly shown at the top of the page.
  3. Please turn your capital lock off when posting. Posts all in capitals are hard to read and considered poor netiquette as you are seen to be SHOUTING.
  4. Posts in Selling Forum are free. I do not know why you cannot post there. In the past there were restrictions on new members. These were removed and I am not aware they have been reimposed, although there have been some recent changes to software which may have had an effect. You will need to wait until Erin comes along to see if he has an answer. In the meantime you might try logging out, clearing cookies then logging back in (gives the sense of doing something). Please don't post about your books in the other forums.
  5. Faj Gha, This is not the right place to raise this issue. Use the 'Complain' button (triangle in bottom line) to report the post in question. Explain what you want changing and why. A moderator will consider your request.
  6. wasleys

    Sentence meaning

    I don't know Seinfeld. From the context you describe I would suggest Julia meant that the transaction (or whatever) was complete and there was nothing else to be done or said.
  7. wasleys


    Why not try posting in the IELTS forum and giving your post a sensible, meaningful title?
  8. Send a Private Message. Click on the member's name to the left of a post. You must have messaging turned on in your site preferences.
  9. As far as I know members who have been muzzled should be able to start threads or reply to threads but their posts will not appear until they have been approved by a moderator. Erin my be able to provide more information if he comes along.
  10. You can 'reach out' in this Feedback forum. Express your views here and you will get a response in due course.
  11. You will be more likely to get help if you post in the appropriate forum and say exactly what you want.
  12. I have put this thread in moderation as there is a strong likelihood of spamming/duplicate accounts. Waiting to see what happens.
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