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  1. Hi, Which universities should I apply to get into a funded PhD position in Data Science/Machine learning/Pattern recognition/Theory of computation. Here's my profile - GRE: 312 (Q:161, V:151, AWA: 4.0) (Test taken : 26 June'14) TOEFL: 106 (R:29, L:26, S:24,W:27) (Test taken: 12 July'14) BSc CGPA: 2.99 (Computer Science, Independent University Bangladesh) MSc CGPA: 3.89 (Computer Science, Independent University Bangladesh) Publications: 3 int'l conf paper (one of them received best paper award), 1 book chapter, 1 journal paper is under review. Job experience: 9.5 years. Please recommend some universities that are suitable for this profile. Thanks.
  2. Hi, Please evaluate my profle: GRE: Q-156, V-153, AWA-3.5, TOEFL: 103 (R:28, L:28, W:27, S:20) B.Sc CGPA: 2.99/4.0 M.Sc CGPA: 3.89/4.0 international conference publications: 3 (1 book chapter submitted, 1 journal paper on the process) Independent University Bangladesh Please suggest a few universities where I can be able to get into PhD program with full funding. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, May I start by saying that, this site has been a continuous source of inspiration for me and helped to shape my decision in pursuing higher studies in US. I want thank all of the people involved with this forum for that. I would request the members to kindly review my following profile and suggest a few universities where I can most probably get full funding. My GRE score is, Q-156, V-153, AWA-3.5, M.S in Computer Science CGPA is 3.90/4 and B.S 2.99/4 , I have 2 publications in IEEE conferences (ICMLC'11, ICITA'11). I will sit for the TOEFL score next month. I have 4 years experience in the field of software development and I've also worked as a TA during my MS study. I have sent my GRE score to the following universities for PhD in computer science. 1. CMU 2. MSU 3. City College CUNY 4. SUNY Stony Brook Please comment about my selections. I’m targeting Spring’13. Also, suggest a few universities where I can be able to get full funding. Thanks in advance. Naved
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